How to Attract High Paying Clients By Listening To Podcasts

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Have you ever stopped to think of the rich and untapped potentials of a podcast?

Just recently, I was watching a video on how this guy generates 6 figures and within the next few hours, I logged into my inbox and saw an email from John Lee Dumas.
There was a link to a podcast he recorded with Jesse Krieger. After listening to that podcast, I realised the great opportunities that abound for service providers.
Maybe you’re a web developer, a business consultant, a freelance writer, a programmer, a social media strategist, a search marketer and so on, and you want to attract high paying clients, this post is for you.
And the beauty of this strategy is that you don’t need to create your own podcasts. You only have to listen to a great one. In fact, if you follow the exact 3-step process below, you’d be negotiating with your potential client by this time next week.

Why you should listen to podcasts?

As a blogger who makes a living by providing professional services to a specific group of people with similar interests, listening to podcasts will set you on course, and give you that rare advantage to trounce the seaming competition.
Unlike blog posts and videos, podcasts takes a lot of effort and creativity. The podcaster has to brainstorm, conduct some rigorous market research in order to understand her audience and speak the language that they can respond to.
In other words, every episode of podcast is aimed at teaching you how to achieve a specific goal – without soiling your mind through information overload.

I still read blog posts, but I’m gradually falling in love with podcasts. I’m yet to listen to any podcast that doesn’t add value to my business/life.
Funny enough, I haven’t recorded a 1-minute podcast myself, and I don’t have plans to do it anytime soon – but that’s not the goal.
Now you know the importance of you listening to a podcast. Don’t you?
Having said that, here is the 3-step process you need to attract high paying clients just by listening to a value-packed podcast:

Step #1: Don’t stop at listening

podcast sponsors

‘The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.’ – Ayn Rand

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast and went way without exploring the sponsors section, you’ve done yourself a disservice.
You see, listening with rapt attention to what someone else had recorded takes a lot of effort and time. And you know that time is money.
If you didn’t take further action, what’s your benefit? The sponsors for each episode are usually corporate organisations. Oftentimes, they’re looking for freelancers and service providers like you and I.

And you know what?

These vacant positions are only opened to people who actively follow the company (their products and news). For instance, one hidden requirement for getting a job at (a firm that usually sponsor several podcast episodes) is your patronage.
That is, you’re a paying customer and had been for at least 3 months.

This requirement may not be specified on the careers page, but if you include that in your cover letter, the chances of getting an interview are high – trust me on this.

So next time you listen to a podcast, scroll down to the sponsors session, visit each of the sites and see if they need your service.
If the organization isn’t hiring, you could contact them and sell your service. Just make sure you mention the podcast from where you got through to them, and how that podcast inspired you to write them.

Don’t argue the possibility of winning a project through this strategy, just do it.

Step #2: Earn trust with potential clients

One of the ways you can earn the trust of your target audience is by referencing the top podcast episodes that inspires you to continually give value out.
Last month, I landed my dream copywriting gig, all because I shared a podcast link with the book author.
I told him how this single episode has changed my life, and how they can improve their bottom line just by listening, applying and preaching the same message to their target audience.

There is something intriguing about a podcast. Pat Flynn have crossed over 1,000,000 million downloads so far and counting. John Lee Dumas is the Grand Daddy of podcasting and his income for September was a little above $240,000.
Remember, a lot of people will instantly fall in love with you, just because you’re feeding on the right information.
In the past, readers were leaders, but today, the game is fast changing and so – listeners make good readers to lead efficiently.

Step #3: Ride to stardom

Listening to a podcast would inspire you to take immediate action. Most times when I read a blog post, I find myself always procrastinating.
You know why? Text-based content doesn’t have much captivating power like the voice. A podcast is literally a voice oozing out of your smartphone, reading device or PC.
If you’re the type of person who finds it difficult to pitch guest post ideas to authority blogs, when you listen to a relevant podcast that addresses that, you’d be fired up to ‘act now.’
Go to iTunes and look at the top10 podcasts in your industry. Download and listen, until you’re soaked into success, zeal and positive mindset.


There you’ve it, the 3-step process for turning your dull moments into a profitable atmosphere for attracting high paying clients – just by listening to inspiring podcast episodes.
I’m sure you’re excited about that tactics?

Is it possible to earn six-figure income through this strategy? Yes it is, but you must work smarter at it and to get the most results, focus on driving qualified traffic to your services page.

How often do you listen to a podcast with rapt attention?

Michael Chibuzor is the content strategist for a start up blog. If you need help for building thriving online business, get a 15-minute phone call. (No Opt-ins required).

Which Is Better – the Free WordPress Version or the Self Hosted Option?


Which Is Better – the Free WordPress Version or the Self Hosted Option?


Any individual first starting out creating a website or a blog can be rather confused by the options and offerings at WordPress. At first blush, it appears as though there are two different versions of the same site.

For any individual that has already built a website somewhere else using an FTP client, notepad, Word, Dreamweaver or other tool most likely has a basic concept of content management systems (CMS) technology. Other CMS solutions include the basic WordPress platform and an additional self-hosted WordPress that utilize the same technology. Each one offers its own significant advantages and disadvantages.

WordPress vs. Self-Hosted WordPress

Standard WordPress advantages include:

• Very easy set up
• It is free – hosting handles up to 3 GB
• With hundreds of servers, there is never any downtime, even with high traffic
• All content automatically remains fully backed up
• No maintenance required – all upgrades, setup, backups, security and spam are always fully maintained by WordPress
• A fully secured SSL dashboard – makes for safe log on over a shared network
• Huge traffic brought in by the community at WordPress

Standard WordPress disadvantages include:

• Over 200 WordPress themes available – Not all themes function properly (although there are alternatives)
• No self generated uploaded customize themes allowed
• No modifying PHP coding to run behind the scenes
• No uploaded plug-ins allowed

Self-hosted WordPress advantages include:

• Very easy set up
• No maintenance required – all backups, security and spam are always fully maintained by WordPress
• Easy capability to upload any customized theme
• Easy capability to upload any plug-in
• Maintain complete control to alter any code
• The ability to use higher quality WordPress themes (templates) for a more aesthetically pleasing design and better functionality

Self-hosted WordPress disadvantages include:

• The need for a web host that will charge a monthly fee
• The possible requirement for additional technical knowledge
• Personal responsibility for safeguarding against spam
• Personal responsibility for WordPress software updating

Making a Decision

The easiest way to decide whether to use a self hosted WordPress, or the free version, is a simple one. If the company decides they can work within a controlled environment without the need to have freedom on how their website behaves, then selecting the free version of WordPress is for them. However, if the company needs to have more control, wants to select from higher-quality themes, and use their own plug-ins, then selecting the self-hosted WordPress will provide better results. In a direct comparison, a self-hosted WordPress platform is not restricted in any way, and the free version is.

Improving the Web Design

There are significant benefits to using a quality WordPress theme, to generate a better web design. Improving its functionality will keep visitors coming back for more. The improvements include:

• Continually Updated Fresh Content – Both the online visitor and search engines enjoy continually updated fresh content on the site. The more content that becomes indexable by search engine spiders, the higher the SEO ranking in search engine queries. Fresh content should include informative content, great advice, and visually appealing images and video.

• 2 Way Communication – Any business can quickly create a human face to the company by using two-way dialogue on the site or company blog. This communication can include:

• Announcing updates and company news
• Online marketing promotions of services and products
• Informative tips on the company’s niche market
• New products or services available
• Showing appreciation to customers through testimonials



WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)


• Continuous RSS Feed – By setting up and utilizing a free burner account (for free) the website can provide options for email subscriptions and/or RSS readers of the company blog. The content can easily be automatically pulled into the company’s social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

• Full Control – Having full control over the company domain utilizes the best functions of a blogging or website platform. Full control offers complete flexibility to handle any technical requirement.

• Ease of Use – WordPress offers an easy write-to-publish solution for posting or updating content on the blogging site or website. Maintenance on a self hosted WordPress blog or website is easy and does not necessarily require any coding experience.

• Clean Coding – What makes WordPress so phenomenal for online blogging sites and websites is its ability to utilize clean coding. Using the best clean code can make uploads and downloads quicker while eliminating many of the back door problems where hackers and cyber-thieves can do the most damage. WordPress avoids many of these problems by producing valid compliant code. It is the number one reason why they are the most highly respected blogging site in website platform in the world.

Whether a company chooses to go with the standard free version that WordPress offers, or opts for the self-hosting solution, the platform for both options is the best available. By utilizing the best WordPress themes, and taking full advantage of the plug-ins and add-ons, any company can develop a site they can be proud of.

Anny Solway Guest Author at


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How To Remove Kontera From Your WordPress Blog

You can spot a Kontera link by the double blue underlining

Here’s what to do when you remove the Kontera Plugin and your WordPress blog is still showing Kontera links after you have removed the plugin.

This will make sense to those who are having this problem.

I recently tried Kontera out on my blog for approximately 3 months and finally made the decision that is was messy and intrusive for my readers.  Kontera makes it difficult for readers to scroll over content without an ad popping up and distaughting the view of the page content as seen above at John You can see the ad covers most of the content and can be rather annoying when you are trying to read.

Now, it’s very simple to remove the Kontera Plugin for your wordpress site, you just go to plugins find the Kontera Plugin and deactivate and remove it.  This is exactly what I did and then I went to check my blog and found Kontera was still all over my website. Ahhhhhh!!!!

If this happens to you here’s how to fix it.

Right click on your wordpress website and then go to view page source.  Scroll down the page until you come to where it says this code.

Log into your back office and click on  Themes ==> Edit ==> Footer ==> and then find the beginning of the Kontera script. The start of mine was nearly right down at the bottom of the page, so just keep scrolling until you find it.

Highlight from < to > inclusive as shown below and in the image below.

Once highlighted press delete and then go down to the bottom of your wordpess page and press Update File.

That’s it!!! What took me hours to work out will now only take you about 5 mins.

If this post was helpful please share it with your Facebook fans and give it a retweet and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Until next time……