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Internet Marketing Strategies, How to be a Master Marketer Online

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“Mastering Marketing”

Becoming a Master Marketer Online with your own home based business is not as easy as you might think. There are many roads to cross and even more strategies you must learn to maximise your online presence.

Most people when just starting out fall for the old time suggestion that all you need is a website and a domain name and you’re ready to go. Well I’m here to tell you this just is not the case. If you are one of the many that have joined a company and have a replicated website just sitting on the internet with no traffic, earning no money and waiting for your online account to be filled with exorbitant amounts of money, you have a lot to learn.

What you need to do first

First of all you need to connect with a mentor. This is someone that will show you the way online. A smart individual who has been there done that. Once you find this person and connect with them, they will be more than happy to show you exactly how to achieve your online success. Not only will your mentor give you their time an know how at no charge but you will also receive all of the training below in most cases for free.

What will you need to learn?

You will need to learn exactly what your mentor has learned to become as good if not better at what you do to market your online business. Below you will find just a few of the marketing strategies you will need to harness to explode your online business and become a top internet Marketer. You need to tap into these secrets right now.

Learn how to leverage the 400 million users on Facebook and how about the 30 million users on Twitter. These are all your potential customers.

You need to learn video marketing to rank number 1 in Google.

You also need an exact game plan to turn traffic into buyers.

You will learn why your competitors are making more sales than you. Here a hint…. it’s not what you think it is!

Google doesn’t like your website.

Another integral aspect of mastering marketing is how to brand yourself and not your replicated website. Google doesn’t like these websites, but they will love you and your own site if you can harness this simple step.

You really can learn how to master the lethal Marketing Strategies that the top 1% is using to dominate your industry and how to generate leads and buyers like clockwork.

Not only do you need to learn from the best in this industry you also need to be a part of an online community where you can go at the drop of a hat to get answers to your questions. Many fail because they don’t have access to this information and spend hours searching for answers online and wasting valuable time when you could be putting this time into moving their business forward and making money. Surround yourself with people that know what it takes because they have been there and done the hard yards so to speak.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, find your mentor, connect with them and you will be off to the best start you possible, instead of flailing around in cyber space wondering what your next step should be. Making the right choices from the beginning will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Be prepared to invest some time and capital into your new online venture to achieve your desired results. The internet is your oyster. I am offering Free Training so you too can start Mastering the same techniques I have used to build my business. View this Article Live


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Brutal Secrets about MLM Marketing. What leaders and Trainers are Not Telling You about Creating your Own Wealth

MLM Business

I am going to be really blunt here with you because I believe you deserve to know these brutal secrets and what’s really going on in your MLM business and why you’re so called leader or sponsor is not being truthful with you.

Rainbows and Unicorns in your MLM Business

MLM business sponsors will always paint a pretty picture for you so you will join them and get their cut of the bottle of juice, awesome new vitamins, Energy giving drinks or next great product online. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great products on the market out there, however there is something they are not telling you in your MLM business. They (your up line) are painting a very obscure picture of Rainbows and Unicorns making out that it’s so easy to sell your new product. Everyone, wants to get fit, lose weight look around you in your local community everyone know someone that wants to lose weight and make a great living doing it.

Your Excitement will rub off on your new prospect!

Have you heard this before? Just share your excitement with everyone you meet, tell them about your great product and how well it’s working for you. They will be begging to join your new MLM business venture. This is a good one. Get a group of friends and family together invite them around for a tasting party put on a few snacks get them to try your product, give them a brochure, show them your slide show presentation. Easy!

MLM Business – The Ambush

I know this from experience and I’m sure you can relate. You have now trapped a dozen of your friends and family in your home and everyone is laughing and joking eating the snacks you have provided for them for a cosy evening around your computer screen waiting for your MLM business presentation. You start your presentation but you miss the sideways glances your guests are giving each other… waiting patiently for the ambush to be over so they can either get out of there or get on with chatting to their real friends. After your MLM business presentation, you provide them with a sample of your product then let them know the price. To make it sound even more attractive you breakdown the price to a daily cost. Some may join your mlm business just because of your enthusiasm but others will be anxiously waiting for the door to fly open so they can escape your ambush. You know I’m right because I speak from experience. If you haven’t had this particular experience in your MLM business, you definitely would have had something similar.

You just signed up a new distributor in your MLM Business – Congratulations!

You are so excited, you have just signed up a new distributor at your home presentation. Gee, you only have to do this over and over again and you will be earning $20 for every carton of juice you sell. Shouldn’t be too hard you think to yourself. You are on a roll! Momentum takes over and you have signed up a few people in your 1st couple of weeks. You have a team of distributors now and they are all doing the same thing as you.  A couple of months pass and you notice your cheques are not growing, they are actually getting smaller. Your new distributors are dropping like flies. They either can’t afford it or they have run out of friends and family to prospect to. You feel deflated!

You start to think that you’re Up line is not telling you something.

And you are right… he forgot to mention that you need to get hundreds of flyers printed and then deliver them to your local neighborhood, businesses in your area, local gyms, health clubs etc. So, you do this as well. In fact you do everything your up line tells you to do, plus more and you’re still not making the giant pay cheques as promised.

What else did your up line forget to tell you?

The truth is he didn’t forget to tell you anything he just didn’t know that there is another way to market your business.  He couldn’t provide you with the training that’s required to build your business. He didn’t know that people don’t join you because you have the best juice on earth or the best vitamins. He didn’t know that taking your business online will take you to a whole new level of the way you market your business. He didn’t have the knowledge to tell you that you need to brand yourself as an expert in your field. He wasn’t smart enough to know that leaders are not born and that you need to learn what it takes to be a leader so you can pass this on to others.

You Need to Know the Truth to grow your Own Wealth

After reading this, you will want to share with your team what I’m about to tell you. Leave your family and friends alone! There are a certain number of strategies you will need to learn to grow your mlm business and soar it to great heights.

  1. You will need to set up a blog where your prospects can get to know you on a personal level.
  2. Social networking – This is where you can make new business friends and meet new people that are interested in making money working from home. You can also share your knowledge here with others who may also be suffering in their MLM business.
  3. Give Value to your followers. The more you share with your tribe the more they will come back to you wanting to know more.
  4. Create a YouTube channel and start making your own videos. Video marketing is creating wealth for many online marketers. People will join you just because they can see you and relate to you.

Honestly, the techniques you need to learn are right at your fingertips.  Learning just a few of them will help take your business to the next level and start energising the kind of income you were expecting when you first started.

MLM distribution is a highly competitive market and without learning the techniques you need to take your business to the next level you will most certainly drown or worse still, be one of the many that just give up and walk away because it all got way too hard. Be prepared to invest time and money in yourself. Make your business work for you and your future and the financial future of your family, its well worth it.

Until next time……..


P.S. To learn more about the valuable training I offer click on the link below and I will start sending you the information immediately!

How To Write Killer Emails That Capture Your Audience!

Killer Emails that Capture your Audience

Killer Email Tips

The internet is just overflowing with marketing emails at the moment. Everyone is trying to promote their affiliate programs and their home based business opportunities. Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies – if carried out correctly. Using the killer email strategies below will change the way you email your client from this day forward.

Not everyone likes to read emails. In fact, if you are like me most of them go directly to junk folder! However, I do go through them quickly once a week to make sure I haven’t missed anything important.

Email Marketing takes time to become effective…. you have to be persistent and patient nothing happens overnight. It is said that it takes approximately 7 emails from the sender until the recipient starts to take notice…. and that’s if they are the best emails with the best headlines that offer the best value to the reader. Mastering killer emails and writing techniques will generate huge income if done correctly.

These are only a few basic strategies to get you started with your killer email strategy.

The Email Headline

This is the most important part of your whole email, much thought should be put into your headline. A killer email headline will be the one thing that captures your audience and give you the click! You will need to step outside the box to create curiosity for your reader. One of my favourite sites for headline inspiration is copyblogger.com. They have a whole section just related to great headlines that you can use when writing your killer emails.

Another email headline tool is The Advanced Marketing Institutes, Headline Analyzer.

Killer Email Marketing Strategy

Many people will tell you email marketing just simply doesn’t work…. these are the people that are not writing “Killer Email Headlines”.

To do this you can capture their curiosity, shock them or capture their emotional side. Another effective way is to ask a question to get them thinking.

The Email Body

Your killer headline has captured their attention and now you have to give them a solution to their problem. Write as if you are writing to 1 person. Don’t address them as you are writing to a list. This makes your email more personal, giving great results to your campaign.

Let them know what you can do for them. Tell them how you can solve their internet marketing or business  problems, with a solution. Use emotion in your words. I have a list of power words I use i.e. Ingenious, Blinding, Maximize, Cutting Edge… just to name a few. There are literally hundreds of these power words that you can use in your email marketing.

A Call to Action

Tell your reader what to do next. You want them to click on your website to generate leads and income. Right?  You will need to direct them, tell them exactly where to go to get this information. Your email marketing strategy should be strong and to the point.

Email marketing

You’re Email Signature

I say this so much I even bore myself! You need to be transparent, people join people not businesses! Sign your email with your name, your phone number, Skype username, your blog address. Give them every opportunity to be able to connect with YOU.

Here’s a recap for successful email writing….

  1. Here is what I’ve got for you (headline)
  2. This is what I can do for you (body)
  3. Here’s what to do next (call to action)
  4. Signature detail (be transparent)

Don’t do this!

A bad example I just pulled from my spam folder.

Subject: $1,980 with no selling!

Body: Everyone is doing this…. no selling, no recruiting, and no training.

Signature: Check it out…. http://whatabigscam.crap

Anyone with half a brain or who has had any experience with internet marketing will not fall for this. This is the kind of email that gives the internet and email marketing such a bad name.

So, you see what I mean? If you are trying to make it online and want to build a good quality list of people you can sell to in the future you need to give them value, give them what they need. They are looking for someone they can trust. Writing good marketing emails will help build this trust for you and your list.

Until next time….


How to Find a Top Online Business

My personal tips to help  you find a Top Online Business

There is an abundance of work from home opportunities on the internet so finding exactly the right one that will suite you is not easy. This is the method I used to find my Top Online Business…….

1. Avoid any website that has outrageous income claims.

2. Avoid sites with money flying around all over the place, this is just a visual ploy to suck you in.

3. Try to stop yourself from going for the freebie they offer, although some free offers are very good, they are just another way of getting you to sign up.

4. A website that contains multiple flashing banner ads and has different offers all over the page is definitely a red flag.

5. Be careful of people making scam claims about other businesses, these are usually the people that are scamming you or trying to get you to join their business by defaming another top online business.

6.One thing I know for sure…..”Get rich quick”, “make money now” and “This opportunity will not last long” blatantly screams a scam! A top online business usually doesn’t need to use terms like this to suck you in and are simply pitching terms.

7. Most of the businesses that are not the real deal offer a mass produced website for a cheap price or even for free. The internet is full of opportunists just waiting to take your money. Not many provide training and you will soon realize you have been duped when you are not making the outrageous amounts of money they promised you.

8. Look for details like, do they provide direct contact details, personal phone or mobile numbers a business address or Skype address or any way that you could contact them directly. Make contact with this person through Facebook or Twitter to get to know them, ask questions about their top online business to make sure they are legit.

9. Most people looking for an on line opportunity usually have not worked on line before or have a basic knowledge of the internet. So, a business with a great opportunity would be one that would teach you how the system works from beginning to end. An opportunity that makes you think… I can do this…. is a top online business.

10. You will need to know how to promote your business opportunity and how to generate leads etc. Ask yourself, will this business offer everything I will need to succeed?

11. Will you have a sponsor to work with and support you with your home business.

My Personal Tip


Top Online Business

Look for a home business that gives you the opportunity to try out for a period of time (30 days) is enough time to see if the business will suit you.
It is common place these days to be charged an application fee, which is fully refundable in most cases. Some of the top opportunities on the internet have set in place an application fee to sort out the serious from the curious.
Last of all, look for transparency, trust you’re built in instincts and then go with your gut feeling! Following this will certainly point you in the right direction.

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