Real Quick Commissions |Is It A Scam?

real quick commissions is it a scam

Terms like, real quick commissions, make money fast, quick cash, fast cash or anything that implies you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars fast…… are simply headlines to suck desperate people in.

Real Quick Commissions

I follow and subscribe to many of the top affiliate marketers online and subscribe to their mailing list to keep up to date with what’s happening. Today I received an email from one of the top marketers  pitching………Real quick commissions.  Now, as a seasoned marketer the name in itself screams scam, however I don’t like to point the finger until I am totally sure of my facts.

Real Quick Commissions dot com

I watched about 2 minutes of the sales page video before I made my decision, however I wanted to be sure before writing this post.

When I need to check something out, I trust the many experienced marketers over at the Warrior forum so I paid them a visit to see what some of the top marketers in the online world were saying about Real Quick Commissions and Jeff Carter. (see below)

Over at the warrior forum

“Have any of you heard of and tried Jeff Carter’s Real Quick Commissions.com program? Well here’s my word of warning for any of you that maybe thinking about it: don’t bother.

Are any of you familiar with the Info Millionaire program in 2009? How about EDC Gold, or any of a host of other get rich on the Internet by selling software programs? This program combines all of them together in a despicable form with a worse than used-car-salesman-type-sales pitch. Let me show you what I mean:

You can read the full story at the Warrior forum

You only have to do a Google search on real quick commissions scam and you will see all the warrior forum posts and dozens more to back this post up.

It’s really not my place to say that you can’t make money with this software however, if you read the disclaimer at the bottom you will see that actors were used in this video. FTC requires this disclaimer.

Real Quick Commissions Scam

A word of advice about Real Quick Commissions and products similar to it that claim to be capable of making you money with only 15 mins work each day.

Click button, easy system does not exist when it comes to making money online.  I’m not saying you can’t make money with Real Quick Commissions or other similar products, it’s just that from my experience it will be 10 times as much work and effort than what the owner says and several up sells worth hundreds of dollars to make it work.

I’ve had quite a few years’ experience at making money online and can honestly tell you, there is no easy or click button way to make money online, and I’ve been burnt more than a few times. In the early days I tried MLM, affiliate marketing, direct sales and know for a fact you can’t make money without traffic and conversions.  You could have the best product online and without these two things you just won’t find success.

If you’re like me, you just want something that works and is honest and can give you results for the hours you are willing to put into it, right?  I have this saying….. “Once you know how to market online you can make money from any business you choose”

My advice is to avoid programs like Real Quick Commissions at all costs, even if it looks Free.

With the right knowledge, in time you will learn how to pick these scams before you waste your hard earn dollars.

This is for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to hit the ground running, you’ll be excited to see how with Google+

What are you tips for picking a scam? Leave a comment below… I reply to everyone!

Real Quick Commissions

WELCOME! Are you ready to start creating your online presence? My name is Sandy Moore and I want you to know if you want your target audience to find you on Page One of Google, take action! When you understand Marketing and leveraging the Internet this is when you will truly start creating success online.

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  1. I’ve always though the best way to make money is to go to pay your own domain and hosting open up your own website like wordpress and blog about what you like and make money off of the affliate links or adsense. As far as traffic, you need to generate your own traffic with hard work and creativity. SEO is something you learn on your own as well. There is no “system” package, its really hard work at first.
    Travis recently posted..The Miracle of JuicingMy Profile

  2. There are a lot of products in clickbank that are scams. Scamming It is a difficult problem. Money is getting harder to come by, and people are having a lot of trouble keeping their heads above water.

  3. It’s such a sad thing to see people ripping off others who are just getting their feet wet on the internet marketing scene. There are no magic pills here, just hard work and a little creativity. Great post Sandy, it’s good to expose scams like this.

  4. I agree most people stop before they get to the reward because of the work involved! I was paid just 10 days after signing up and meeting qualifications, I hear some even faster.

  5. It’s not bad at all to be skeptic about scams. After all, it’s your own money that’s at stake. Most of the time, those that offer fast commissions are indicative of these scam schemes. So, just be cautious.
    Calra recently posted..November 01, 2012 – Aries Monthly HoroscopeMy Profile

  6. I’m absolutely agree with the post above. When I have an affiliate offer, I did check it by google for it, sometimes also search on WF, but the most important is the age of the site. How can a month old site able to give you real quick cash?


    Verdi recently posted..9 High Page Rank .Gov BlogsMy Profile

    • Warrior Forum members will be sure to give you the low down on what’s a scam and what’s working Verdi…. however, I do also feel that there is an element of scammers in the forum too.

      I may cop some flack from the above statement, however I’m not that bothered about it. I would rather be known for my honesty than a rip off merchant full of shallow promises.
      Sandy Moore recently posted..SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordPressMy Profile

  7. I am getting so much of a scam stuff every day shouting of to make easy money or so called commission. But to be true, earning bucks isn’t a doodle task at all, you’ve to bear a bit, and earn thereafter, likewise you’ve also noted out wise points. Keep it up.

  8. Hi Sandy! I’m sick and tired of these get-rich-quick seems that are proliferating online so thanks for the heads up. As an online marketer, I’ve realized that there’s nothing like working your way to the top without being too dependent on tools that are bundled with false claims. Thanks and More Power!

    • Imagine, how much money these guys could really make Kristine, if only they would come out from behind their false income claims and smart sales talk.

      The constant promise of making money while you sleep with the press of a button is the one thing that keeps desperate people broke.
      Sandy Moore recently posted..SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordPressMy Profile

  9. Thanks for sharing your honest take on the product, Sandy–Sometimes we get too overwhelmed and excited with the idea of making money in a snap. As far as I know, our hard work and dedication are the only ones we could actually hold on to when it comes to generating leads and making money.

    • Absolutely Joy….. you hit the nail on the head with your comment about hard work and dedication.

      Too many people give up too soon and expect to make money in the first week… Which of course is very possible with the right know how.
      Sandy Moore recently posted..SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordPressMy Profile

  10. Real quick commissions for me are scams. There are no easy money even if there are a lot of ways how to make one. It always take time and effort before you can reap the benefits of you labor.

    • There are easy ways to make money online however, most methods need a certain amount of education and training so you know how to market any business online.

      As the old saying goes, it’s easy once you know how.
      Sandy Moore recently posted..SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordPressMy Profile

  11. I couldn’t agree with you more for have been a victim of such scams, but thank God I did not part with a lot of bucks. I finally found genuine ways to make money online and trust me it is nothing of quick money-making. They are jobs that I have to dedicate my time to them to earn the cash.
    Jill Raye recently posted..kardashiantape.orgMy Profile

    • Jill, I would have a full time job if all I wrote about was online scams.

      Occasionally, I like to showcase online scams as those so called guru’s need a reminder that we are watching. They really give the online money making industry a very bad name.
      Sandy Moore recently posted..SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordPressMy Profile

  12. I also haven’t heard of any easy way to make money online Candice.
    However, the path to online success is always easier when marketers learn the correct way to make money online.

    There are no short cuts or quick methods and the sooner more people start to realise this the more money they will make.
    Sandy Moore recently posted..Become Our Next MLSP TraineeMy Profile

  13. Thanks for the post, Sandy. Honestly, I haven’t heard about quick comissions yet, but I do not really believe that there are ways to make money really quickly. Today there are lots of scams, especially about money, and it’s a pity that people looking for easy ways often get into the trap trying to improve their financial situation. I am sure, before using any financial service or offer it’s necesary to learn as much as it possible, talk to friends, experts, surf the Internet, because there’s a high risk that you will just throw your money out.
    Candice recently posted..How To Get Maximum Use Of Your LoanMy Profile



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