Mistakes to Avoid

Many marketers online today are giving up on email marketing thinking it is no longer effective. Part of the problem is that small businesses are making common mistakes when using this popular form of digital marketing, that when used correctly can still be effective when orchestrating your email marketing campaign. Listed below are common email marketing mistakes to avoid.

Avoid these common mistakes when planning your next email campaign.

Misleading subject line

This is your first point of contact between you, your business and the reader. Don’t mislead or trick the reader into opening your email as this will only lessen the open rates and build mistrust for future opens. You headline needs to promise the reader that they have something to gain by opening your mail.

A lot of thought should be put into your headline to assure a high open rate. One way to ensure that your headline has success is to test a small percentage of your subscriber list by sending two different headlines with similar wording and then check the open rates.  Most email marketing tools have this key feature mainly used by sophisticated marketers and frequently ignored by others.

Build Familiarity

Always make sure that when emailing your name or business name appears in the same place every time. Not only does this brand your business the reader will become familiar to your branding and know what to look for when browsing their email. When you are providing your reader with valuable content, they will keep their eye out for your trademark brand in your email.

Does Size Matter?

Many mailers’ think it’s the size of the data base that makes the difference to an emailing campaign. However, the level of engagement the ability to understand your target market and their preferences and behaviours is far more important that the size of the list. You could have a large list of thousands and only 10% of this list may be active then you will have a small audience. However, you may only have a list of 1,000 people where 75% are active and your responsive is higher. So, is not all about how big your list is but how responsive those are who are on your list.

Information Overload

You have probably either seen this happen a lot or have been guilty of doing this sometime in your email/marketing life. A big mistake when emailing is to cram the body of the email with too much information and too many links. You must remember you aim is to have your reader follow through on a call to action, not to be distracted while reading your mail. After all, you managed to get them in with your awesome subject line so now you want to give them the information they came for and turn them into a prospective qualified lead.

Wrong Call to Action

The key to good email content is to elaborate on the promise you made in the subject line while continuing to withhold just the right amount of information to encourage your recipients to click on the call to action. Many small business owners make the mistake of not having a clear call to action. Email marketing is still a cost effective sales driver and so it’s important for the business to drive their traffic via the call to action into their only store or to relevant content on their landing page.

Tacky Email Design

Many marketers tend to get carried away with the design of an email. This can be time consuming and also this can be a barrier between the reader and your business.

Avoid visual elements or animation within your email design, which can actually make your email hard to read and/or obscure the value proposition. This is especially valuable information for those using Solo Emailing systems. More times than not when you see a Solo email from a business that has been given special effects to make the email stand out, such as different coloured text in each paragraph.

Really, all you are achieving by doing this is making your email look tacky and unprofessional and not worthy of reading.

Too much of a bad thing

Sending many emails during the day can be one way to have people unsubscribing from your mailing list. This is a big no no when using email marketing as an effective marketing strategy. A comfortable mailing rate is one that is not too disturbing to your reader, after all they have subscribed to receive your emails, you just don’t want them to be overwhelmed. I would say a comfortable rate would be one every day for a week or so after sign up and then perhaps once or twice a week. This of course is if you are only emailing your personal list.

Emailing TOP TIP

Email marketing is great for building your business, introducing yourself to the online community in your niche and building and gaining more visitors to your blog.  I really wouldn’t suggest that you send your business opportunity to an email list through an email marketing company. You should be building a business relationship with these large email lists and you can invite them to your blog to gain the valuable information you have to share. Once they see the valuable information you are offering, they will keep coming back and eventually may even become long term customers.

It’s still very cool to practice email marketing methods these days….. just stick to the rules and you’ll be on to  a winning marketing strategy.





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