How to use Social Media to plan your wedding?

How to use Social Media to plan your wedding?

With the rise of social media and almost everyone owning iPhones or smart phones it’s easy to see how times have changed. Social Media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have connected us to friends, relatives and strangers wherever they are in the world, allowing us to talk about whatever is on our mind, any time of day. Basically, the trick is to not give too much away while indulging in your need to share. Keep your social media messages short and sweet. Think of them as a teaser, trailer for your wedding or main event and keep everyone guessing until the very last minute.

Here is my social media advice if you are taking this path to promote pre & post of your wedding:-

1. Pre-Wedding Preparations.

Introducing wedding attendees online before the big day can help you avoid any day-of awkwardness. This will give people the chance to break the ice and virtually get to k now a little about everyone else.

Help your guest’s mix, mingle and stay in the loop with a private social network created just for engaged couples, like OneWed ‘s Wedding Pre-Party.

Wedding Pre-Party allows wedding guests to see who’s invited to the wedding (and lets the singles scope potential hotties before they meet face-to-face), interact and post comments on a wall, upload photos from pre-wedding parties and post-wedding, and much more.

If you’d like to skip the specialized sites route, you could also create a pre-party on Facebook using its “Groups” functionality. This can be a clever way to avoid cluttering the news feeds of folks not invited to the wedding, both before and after the event.

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2. Appoint a Chief Tweeter

If you want your wedding to be recorded for posterity in 140-character posts, then let people know and even encourage them to get involved by creating a hash tag.
Tell your bridal party it’s OK to tweet! Create a hash tag for sharing your event. This will make all tweets from your day easy to find later on and helps to create a feeling of celebration for your guests.

Print up some tented cards on your menu or program with the hash tag for your event and encourage your guests to send you their well wishes, touching moments and snap shots. These are moments that otherwise would have been missed.

You can take this even further by appointing a “Chief Tweeter” — or several — to document your day.

Have an Official Tweeter and Well Wishing Station — have one or more ‘Tweets of Honor.’ Have some technologically obsessed friends? This is a great job for them! These folks can quietly tweet from a corner as not to be obtrusive or can come out of the shadows and provide you with a full on social media guest book station.

And you can even incorporate social media into the more traditional parts of the day. In addition to reading cards and messages out loud from family and friends that couldn’t make it, why not read messages from Facebook and Twitter too?

Have your Tweet of Honor compile some well wishes that have been tweeted out and share them during the toasts. This can be a very fun twist on the traditional toasting time.

3. Live Stream for Those Who Can’t Make It

Thanks to the wonders of modern tech, nowadays you can share your special moments with people who can’t make it in person. Ustream is one such site that can help you share your ceremony with those well-wishing from afar.

Live weddings give our users an opportunity to experience Ustream in a completely new way. It’s very exciting to see our broadcasters offer unfiltered access to the best moments of their lives. That’s one of the many reasons we’re here.

The use of Ustream to share (publicly or privately) your day live online for friends and family that cannot make it to your ceremony is especially useful for those having destination weddings. If Great Grandmother cannot make it, she can still virtually attend and share in your joy.

Then, when the ring is on your finger and the magic words have been said, tweet and post to your heart’s content. Just make sure to enjoy yourself and relish the moment first – the internet will still be there tomorrow!


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How to Promote Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest featue in Metro - 27th February 2012

How to Promote Your Business with Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard site, quickly gaining popularity and now used by millions of people. It is one of the fastest growing social media networks, growing by 145 percent between January 2012 and January 2013. Many users of Pinterest joke about how addicting it can be, with users spending hours browsing the recent pins. The draw of Pinterest is great for business owners, as it helps generate leads, make sales and get more traffic to your site. What better way to promote your business than utilize a tool millions of users find so addictive?

Post Product Images

The first way to promote your business using Pinterest is by posting attractive images of your products. No matter what your business sells, you can find a market for it on Pinterest. There is a trick to getting this method to work: you must post them in the right category and re-pin others’ images. The reasoning is this: if you have a lot of boards with interesting pins, other users are more likely to follow you. But if all you post is images of your own products, they’re less likely to be interested.

Participate Frequently

To be successful on Pinterest, you should participate as much as possible. Don’t just try to promote your business, but help others promote theirs. Spend some time every day looking through the most recent pins, adding them to your different boards, liking and commenting. As with all social media, Pinterest relies on participation.

Create Private Boards

Private boards have multiple uses for business promotion. For one, you can invite a select group of customers to private boards to view your latest products. You can also create boards for your employees to share ideas through images they find. Lastly, use private boards when having promotions or contests.

Hold Contest

People love winning free stuff, and Pinterest users are no exception. Have a contest where you ask users to pin something from a select board, and one person who pinned the right image gets to win a prize. This can be a large discount for your online store, free services or free products. You’re getting multiple pins of your images, and gaining a larger audience. Don’t be surprised if images on your boards are pinned hundreds of times.

Generate Leads

Lastly, you can create leads by using Pinterest. Start with a board (category) and some images related to your business. In the description, add information about your business and a short call-to-action. This asks users to visit your website and learn more about it. What this does is get your website more hits, and in time, helps to get your business more sales. It has been highly successful by businesses that choose their images and wording very carefully.

Pinterest is more than just a flash in the pan. The site is filling a real need in the social media landscape, with users sharing images of everything from flowers to jewelry to raccoon repellent. Take advantage of its unique appeal to promote your business.

Alicia Lawrence Guest on WhoIsSandyMoore.comBIO: Alicia Lawrence is a content coordinator for a tech company and blogs about online PR in her free time.

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How to Take Advantage of Social Signals for Enhancing Search Rankings | Top 10 Tips

Social signals are increasingly contributing to enhancing search rankings of websites.

The number of social recommendations and social shares is a primary social signal that search engines consider while ranking websites.

Another important social signal is social sharing by high authority social users in your niche.  When a niche influencer, for instance, retweets you or tweets your content, the website can look forward to moving higher on the SERP

Now that we know what are the social signals that enhance search rankings, it is time to offer some tips that help you take advantage of these social signals and enhance search rankings significantly.

Top 10 Tips to Maximize Social Signals for Search Rankings

Social Signal #1 – Garner Maximum Social Recommendations and Social Shares for the Content

 1. Write high quality, original relevant content that adds value to readers. Such content promotes readers to ‘like’, ‘tweet’ or +1 the content on their own social networks and also encourages social sharing for the content.

2. Attempt to create viral content. Viral content touches a cord within the readers, and promotes widespread social sharing, increasing the chances of higher search rankings.

3. Place social media sharing buttons obviously and optimally on your website to facilitate easy sharing by your website visitors.

4. Include a strong call to action asking people to share your content.

5. Encourage people to ‘like’ you and share your content on social media by giving them an incentive. A discount coupon or free product sample can often meet the case. Twitter tools like ‘Pay With A Tweet are ideal for this purpose.

6. Share others’ content, so that they share yours in return.

 Social Signals at

Social Signal #2- Social Sharing by High Authority Social Media Users in your Niche

7. Establish relationship with top influencers in your niche via social media. Comment on their posts and share their content. Even though they may have larger number of followers than you, the gesture will be appreciated and will pave the way for establishing a relationship with them for future social shares.

8. Request niche influencers to share your content. A simple email is all that is needed for high authority social media users to share your content, if your content is really great and adds immense value.

9. Send free samples, discount coupons for your product, service to niche influencers requesting for a review. You could also request them to mention your product, service, your company on their social media network. More often than not, such requests are honored. And social mentions by high authority users are sure to bump up your rankings.

10. Showcase your expertise in the niche with your insightful comments and analysis on social media, making influencers sit up and take notice. Now they will be more prone to sharing your content on social media when you request them to do so. Because they are convinced that you will add value to their followers.

What strategies have you used to take advantage of social signals to enhance your rankings? And don’t forget to share this post if your found it useful.

Yasir Khan is a leading SEO consultant and strategist based in Canada. Click here to contact Quantum SEO Labs, the SEO company founded by Yasir.


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Australian Retailers Lose after Click Frenzy Fail

Click Frenzy add to cart

Click Frenzy launched its inaugural once a year online discount shopping spree last night.  I should have said attempted to launch, marketed as “The Sale that Stops a Natation” NOT!!  According to “THE Click Frenzy online sale has been derided as an “epic failure”, with even the industry’s staunchest supporters admitting shoppers and retailers will have been disappointed.”

There was much hype and media marketing leading up to the big online shopping spree at Click Frenzy which was likened to the ever famous Black Friday discounted sales in the United States every year. Several times I attempted to login to the Click Frenzy site and was greeted with “The Connection has timed out”. Seems I was not the only one staring at the timed out sign and still today (Wednesday 21st) the Click Frenzy site is still timing out.

You don’t set up the sale of the century and think no one will come. Click Frenzy should have made sure their servers could handle the traffic. As an ex retailer and now Online Marketing Solutions Consultant I feel a lot of compassion for the retailers who lost out last night. They are the big losers here as well as the consumers who missed out on thousands of bargains from popular retailers.

Those retailers smart enough to stand alone, David Jones and Dell…. did very well after holding separate sales not associated with Click Frenzy.

Australian retailers can avoid such sale disasters in the future by also standing alone online and not shying away from the internet for future super sales they hold online. There are many online marketing solutions for retailers where they could simply hold their own online sales once a year and avoid Click Frenzy altogether.

The founder of Click Frenzy Grant Arnott, apologised to Facebook fans however, could not explain what the exact problem was that caused the site to crash.

“Firstly, I would like to issue an apology to anyone who has been inconvenienced and frustrated by the technical issues relating to the inaugural Click Frenzy 24-hour online sale,” he wrote.

Australian Retailers Lost After Click Frenzy Fail

As Click Frenzy found last night, online marketing and sales can be a very frustrating industry if you don’t have the correct systems and tools in place to cater for the type of business you are promoting online.

Social media can be a cruel place and it didn’t take long last night for #clickfrenzy to turn into #clickfail. Click Frenzy probably won’t suffer for too long after last night’s disaster…. One reporter suggested that the BIG CLICK FRENZY fail was some sort of marketing ploy, which I strongly do not agree with.  You know what they say, there’s an upside to most things and I personally don’t think Click Frenzy will be harmed by last night’s disaster.

How about you…. Did you manage to grab yourself a bargain at the Click Frenzy site or not?




Facebook Likes | 4 Steps to More Facebook Fans

Facebook Likes | 4 Steps to More Facebook Fans

There’s been a rumour going around recently that businesses are having trouble getting Facebook Likes. The recent Timeline changes have confused many business owners, online and offline. I’m writing this article for a client who wants to know how to find new customers using the Facebook like  strategy and then drive this traffic to her Fan page.

The fact is, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy Facebook Likes and gain hundreds or even thousands of leads. With a large fan base, it will be possible to do the following.

Build a profitable business, not just a fan page.

Reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Develop a real, valuable list of contacts.

Turn leads into paying customers.

Give you a long term traffic source.

In the case of my client, LaPosh Boutique, who sells the latest fashion in wedding dresses, flower girl and mother of the bride as well as runway ladies fashion. LaPosh knows there are millions of prospective customers and brides online looking for their beautiful bridal wear and products. They are just not aware of the many ways to tap into this never ending traffic source and get more Facebook Likes or prospective customers.

The Mystery Solved about Facebook Likes

Using social media to gain new customers is not the mystery it used to be if you can find the traffic and then drive this traffic to your fan page and hence gain the Facebook likes you require. This will build an ongoing list of people looking for exactly what you have.

Here’s how to drive traffic and build your Facebook likes.

Step 1. Find other fan pages that have already done the work for you, pages that already have tonnes of fans all in the one place interested in what you have. That is, thousands of fans already interested in the bridal market….. as mentioned earlier with my client La Posh Bridal.

Step 2. Go to the Facebook search bar and search for fan pages to do with your niche. i.e. for the bridal industry you could search for wedding car hire. The first one that appears in the search is Wedding Car Hire in the UK with over 11,000 Facebook likes. My client sells her made to measure beautiful bridal gowns online so here on this fan page are over 11,000 prospective clients.

Facebook Likes | 4 Steps to More Facebook Fans

Keep doing this and liking different fan pages within your niche.

Next you could search “Wedding Dresses” a list will pop up in the search and then go to the bottom and click on “See more results for wedding dresses” where a full list will pop up. Go to the left side of the page and click on pages.

The first page that comes up is Wedding Dresses with 292,999 fans, so click on the like button and head on over there to check out their page.

Facebook Likes | 4 Steps to More Facebook Fans

How would like to put your message in front of this amount of fans who are interested in your niche…. ?

Step 3. Use this simple technique to bring those fans back to YOUR page.

Now, go back to your fan page and make a post on your page and be sure to tag the fan page for Wedding Dresses. To do this you simply type @wedding dresses and the wedding dresses site will pop up…. So just click on in to add it to the post. The 292,999 fans from Wedding Dresses will see your post and then head on over to check your page out.

LaPosh Boutique, my client would write “Check out the gorgeous lace wedding boots over @wedding dresses.” Then simply click on post. You will see “wedding dresses” will be tagged and highlighted in Facebook blue.

Another way to attract more Facebook Likes is to search the same way as above for people in your niche i.e. Bridal niche “Eventz N Trends”. You then find an image on their timeline, click the share button, a box will pop up and you will then see a drop down box at the top. You will then have the opportunity to post on your own timeline, a friends timeline or your own fan page.

Facebook Likes

In this case you would click on “Share on my Fan Page”. Write a nice comment about their image and don’t forget to tag them again using @ Eventz N Trends … then post.

Remember, you must “like” these pages first or this simply won’t work.

By using this exact method you can attract endless amounts of leads back to your Fan page for free. This is the same tactic used by numerous online marketers to attract endless new customers to the Fan page and gain thousands of Facebook Likes.

Step 4. Post at the right time for more Facebook Likes

For instance,  be smart about time zones. My client is based in Perth, Western Australia and sells not only to her local market but also to overseas clients.

I recommend posting twice a day at least using the techniques above. Think like your client….. the bride. She works all day and can’t wait to get home and get online after dinner at around 7.30 pm or sometime after to check out what’s happened on Facebook today.

However, my client also wants to attract overseas clients as she sells made to measure wedding gowns online. The best time to attract these people would be at their end of day, so I caution you to check out time zones and make sure you post at times you will get the best response.

A little trial and error will work here.

For me, I live on the East Coast of Australia in Sydney and my target audience are local and global as well. I find it best to post first thing in the morning and then around 9pm in the evening, when I know some of the USA is just waking up and checking their morning mail and reading Facebook updates.

It’s important to remember that it’s not about how many Facebook “Likes” you have but about how you interact with these customers that will turn them into long term paying customers.

Just like Facebook, I’m always coming up with new ways to market my clients business online as well as my own.

How do you drive more customers to your fan page for more Facebook Likes?   Leave a comment with your tips.