Local Online Marketing Strategies for 2014

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As a small business owner, you know there are certain challenges you face that larger retailers and brands do not. Your audience is local, and they appreciate word of mouth advertising and recommendations. However, they’re also online. Because of this, a local online marketing strategy is essential for making 2014 and beyond a success. It all starts with the right focus and initiative; check out a few ideas below.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing through a regular, targeted online newsletter allows you to connect with past customers, potential clients and current prospects on their own time. It allows small business owners to create a brand personality while building trust with their online communities.

To be a success, an e-mail marketing campaign should play up the local angle by talking about community events that you’ve taken part of and news stories. Offer coupons – good online and in-store –and special promotions to those on your list. Create content that pertains to them and demonstrates your interest in the community.

For maximum results, work with an e-mail marketing platform that allows you to track opens, reads, click-throughs and deletes.


Never underestimate the power of a local search. Customers are looking for local businesses to support while receiving reliable service. Google+ simplifies this process. Businesses can claim free, local business listings that appear on Google search results.

By taking the time to claim a free listing, your business will appear in Google’s 7-Box, which works by highlighting the top seven local results for a given search term. This is especially useful when searchers enter a keyword followed by a community or city name. Through Google+, local businesses can engage with customers, offer coupons, and upload photos like a social network.

Customer Reviews

Online users don’t have time for poor customer service, faulty products or negative experiences. Because of this, they trust online reviews. They are easy to find through Google+ and other online directories and that ensure a company without a high ranking won’t be overlooked. Mr. Rooter in Syracuse, New York has taken advantage of this idea. By encouraging customers to share their experiences online, the business receives positive feedback and maintains a 4.5 star ranking on Google.

Google Places Review How To Step 3

Google Places Review How To Step 3 (Photo credit: Frederick Md Publicity)

To get started in this area, send an e-mail blast and include a link on receipts. Ask loyal customers to visit your Google+ page and leave feedback. Take the time to answer each message and interact with those who take the time to communicate. Positive reviews can make or break a business with an online presence, so be sure to take control of this area of your business.

Directory Listings

How many people open a Yellow Book when looking for a company to do business with? The practice is dated; instead, the majority of people rely on online searches that yield online directory listings. The majority of these listings – Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Local.com and more – are free and provide business owners with the ability to reach a local audience with little effort on their part. Look for local directories and start listing your company; with a minimal time requirement, the effort is worth every second.

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Use Press Release to Land on Page one of Google

Press release can be a viable SEO proposition and can mark your spot on page one of the search engines. Press release is a marketing strategy you can use at any stage of your marketing plan but is especially beneficial for those marketers who are wishing to gain authority via the search engines through press release distribution.

Way back when, a newsworthy announcement was often made by shouting “Hear Ye” Hear Ye”!! In modern times news was announced via Newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio and now we have the natural progression of the internet.

Press Release and the Internet

With so many people trading newspapers for news online it makes sense for you the business owner to put your information where the most eyes will see it. Many small business owners aren’t aware that online news is also a viable proposition for getting their business or new product out there via press release distribution.

Free Press Release Vs Paid Press Release

It was suggested years ago if you were just starting out and using press releases to drive traffic, that you would use free press release distribution sites because they were just that Free!  However, its very time consuming to write and then distribute your content to hundreds of sites to put your press release in front of those who are looking for what you have.

You know what they say if it’s free there is usually a cost somewhere and in this case you pay with your valuable time.

With paid press release distribution you can virtually sit back and relax and let a distribution service take the load off, while you spend your time doing what you love best.


Press Release Partners


Marketers Media is a press release distribution service that will do all the hard work for you and also offer the following benefits….

~ Increase in brand awareness & reputation

~ Greater online visibility and brand presence

~ SEO and traffic driving with press release

~ Proprietary syndication technology that provides wider syndication and publication.

~ Quick and prompt support

~ Next day publication

Press Release Format

There is a precise format to follow when writing a press release and every distributor has their own rules that you should read carefully. Such rules include an image of a certain size, headline must not be too long (under 80 characters) and have an active verb and subject.  Your press release content should be between 350 and 800 words and be legitimately newsworthy. Remember, check your press release service guidelines to make sure you are sticking to the rules of that particular service.

Marketers Media will deliver your Press Release to the following Networks

Get your press release distributed to Associated Press, New York Times, UPI, Washington Posts, Houston Chronicles, CBSNews, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Google News, journalists, bloggers, TV, Radio Stations and more!

Social media coverage and RSS PRNewswire Syndication

Marketers Media partners with Associated Press, an American news agency renowned for heavily making its contribution through newspapers, radio and television stations in the United States.

News and Media archives including Dow Jones Factiva, Comtex, Acquiremedia, Outbrain, LexisNexis, AllVoices and Press Association.

Press Release Media List 700+ premium media outlets including New York Times, CBS News, Houston Chronicle, United Press International, Sacramento Bees and more!

Over 30,000 media journalists and bloggers!




English: The New York Times building in New Yo...

English: The New York Times building in New York, NY across from the Port Authority. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fit Press Release into your Monthly Marketing Budget

This is the easy part. You would think that a press release distribution service that offers all of the above would charge at least a couple of hundred dollars.  When you see the benefits and return on your investment you will be prepared to pay the low prices that are offered by Marketers Media and even if your budget is low you can still fit a small amount for at least one press release per month. You will be amazed at the amount of traffic you will receive to your website for such a small investment.

Increase your traffic

With widespread press release distribution to more than 750 premium media outlets and a wider audience reach, your traffic will increase up to 60% – 70%. Your business will also experience an increase in Brand Awareness and Reputation with greater online and offline Publicity.

Now almost anyone can use affordable, widespread press release distribution to reach wider audiences and get greater online visibility.


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Clever Facebook Marketing – Does it Cut the Mustard

Grey Poupon Clever Facebook Marketing



Is this a Joke or a clever Facebook

Marketing Strategy?

After reading this article over at Adweek I thought, I have now heard it all and it crossed my mind that it had to be a joke.

Or perhaps it is just plain rude……. Keep reading, I’ll let you be the judge.

Gone are the days when you can just like a like on Facebook just for the simple fact that you really do like it.

Grey Poupon, the famous mustard company in the United States is no longer cutting the mustard in my book and you may not cut the mustard in their book either.  Their high horse Facebook marketing campaign seems to have an air of “you are not  good enough to “LIKE” our page”.  According to Tim Nudd of Adweek , Grey Poupon have not done mass marketing  advertising for the past 15 years and have now returned using a Facebook champagne that allows only “ Classy people to like the brands Facebook page”.

Once the “Like” is clicked, Fans of the brand are asked to apply for membership to the Society on the Grey Poupon Facebook page, where an algorithm will then determine whether or not they ‘cut the mustard,’ ” the brand says.

The brand also states the algorithm “will search and judge users’ profiles based on their proper use of grammar, art taste, restaurant check-ins, books read and movie selections, to name a few. If the algorithm detects poor taste in music or TXT speak, for example, they could be rejected for membership.

Declined Facebook Like?

Grey Poupon says “Those whose applications are declined will have their “LIKE” rescinded.” I’m not too sure if anyone really has had their “Like” rescinded but I do know that I’m in and that they let me know they were very impressed with my profile and gave me a 98% Good Taste ranking.  Do I care what Grey Poupon thinks of me and my Facebook profile?…… Not really, but I have to say if they rescinded my “LIKE” my rather large following of over 5,000 Facebook friends would surely have heard about it. Another genius Facebook marketing ploy.

Grey Poupon on Facebook

I love the way this application works and it’s lot of fun and very tongue in cheek….. I think!

Of course this is a genius marketing champagne and there is no way that you wouldn’t “Cut the Mustard” because I’m sure the famous mustard company wouldn’t want any negative feedback.  With over 27,000 Facebook “Likes” I would say this Facebook marketing strategy definitely Cuts the Mustard”

On the down side, if you have been rejected by Grey Poupon’s Fan Page I would love to hear from you.  I guess when you’ve been around for as long as they have, since around 1700 or so you can have whoever you “LIKE” as a fan….. Don’t you think?





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