5 Dollar Wonder Bonus


Our Company No Longer supports 5 Dollar Wonder

5 Dollar Wonder Automated Marketing System was made for those who don’t know how to market online right through to those who know exactly what to do in regards to marketing a small business online such as this.

Many of my Facebook and list subscribers have been asking me “what’s inside”? I don’t have PayPal… can I use Payza? (Yes you can) The question you should be asking is “What’s not included in the 5 Dollar Wonder Business”? Lol…. Now obviously I can’t list every single bonus, however I will give you a list of nearly everything included in the program.

The only cost involved here is $5 per month (actually $4.99) or $50 lifetime payment… that’s it… no other costs involved.

What’s inside?

5 Dollar Wonder program will put $5 and $50 dollars into your PayPal or Payza account instantly… this means there is no middle man… all commissions go directly into your PayPal account via PaySpree. This is going to make you a never ending monthly residual income for a long time to come. I’ve mentioned how the business works in my last post about 5 Dollar Wonder Business.

There are so many bonuses included I can’t list them all… you can check some of them out below…… so, here goes…..

  1. Step by step setup instruction so you can’t go wrong
  2. Facebook Ads to copy and Paste
  3. Over 100 Facebook Groups to join
  4. Ready-made email ads you can use and make your own
  5. Tried and tested classified directories with instructions on how to post
  6. Lots of classified ads for your own use
  7. How to Forum Marketing with more than 5 forums to join that work
  8. Banners to use on your website or traffic exchange
  9. Fact and Questions page, including support – online help

Free Bonus Products from the library – Some with Private Label Rights

  1. Facebook For Business
  2. Google Plus for Business
  3. Expert SEO
  4. LinkedIn for Business
  5. Copywriting Secrets
  6. Google Traffic Tips and Strategies
  7. Blogging for Small Businesses
  8. Facebook fan page Blueprint
  9. Twitter Basics
  10. What Steve Jobs Taught Us
  11. fan page Ad Secrets
  12. Photoshop for Newbies
  13. 30 Photoshop Templates with Master Resell Rights (worth way more than $4.99 just on ist own)
  14. Backlink Flood eBook and Software
  15. Pinterest Expert

Plus 15 more amazing products you can download to help you make money online…. There is so much value inside this business……  I think you get it by now that we are over delivering on this mighty product with the low, low price of $4.99.

Another Way to Earn with this Business is revenue that you will receive when a person places an ad on your website at the bottom as seen below.

125 x 125 ads

Your automated website and digital sales page will include 14 125  x 125 banner ads spots. Should any of your website visitors purchase an ad spot subscription, their ad will be placed in a rotator and displayed on the 5 Dollar Wonder network of websites.

As a member of 5 Dollar Wonder, you will receive $5 per week per ad purchased through your automated website (you could earn unlimited extra dollars from this each month) on top of any membership and product sales you could already be making.

5 Dollar Wonder is an automated business that avoids all the pitfalls and struggles that the vast majority of other Internet Income opportunities on the market. This is NOT a risky MLM, Pyramid or Matrix program. It’s a fully automated marketing system that pays you 100% commissions and comes complete with optimised advertising and marketing materials to get you started quickly.

The simple fact that you can also make a residual monthly income with sales of $4.99 over and over again plus random $50 sales for the lifetime option… makes this the easiest way to make money online.

I literally made my first sale in less than 8 hours after setting it up!  I’ve been online since 2009 and this is the fastest money I have ever made.

Watch the video and see how easy it is to get started. For those of you reading who are already having success with 5 Dollar Wonder, feel free to share  your success stories below or any other great marketing tips you want to share.

My Special Bonus When you Join

500 Free Business Leads per month

To claim my resource to your  free monthly leads simply send me your PayPal or Pay Spree receipt when you sign up….. for $4.99  to WhoIsSandyMoore at gmail.com and I’ll send you the link claim your free leads.




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5 Dollar Wonder Makes Easy Money for Christmas

It’s not often I promote money making programs like 5 Dollar Wonder however, I decided to promote this nifty little business so everyone can benefit.

Promoting 5 Dollar Wonder

  • 5 Dollar Wonder is easy for beginners or fully fledged marketers (copy and Paste)
  • Everyone can afford $5 (actually $4.99)
  • 100 % Commissions are yours
  • 5DW is fully Automated
  • No Additional Fees
  • Global Opportunity
  • Quality Digital Library as part of your membership


Although only new this year many have still not heard about it yet.  5 Dollar Wonder got off to a great start, Kevin the creator has sorted all teething problems and members are now making good residual income every month which of course you can see proof on the video here.

100% Commissions are yours! These are paid directly into your account and I can truthfully say there is nothing better than seeing your inbox when you make sales with 5 Dollar Wonder. Your earnings are based on the following:

$4.99 monthly (recurring monthly fee – monthly membership)

$50 one time (one-time payment gives you a lifetime membership)

Get paid when others buy weekly based advertising on the bottom of your site. The Cost for advertisers for the 125×125 banner ads is $4.99 weekly which is 100% yours.

*** Please Note:  Everything is automated so you don’t have to worry about setting up anything for new members.  Which also includes any advertising that is paid to you as it’s all taken care of for you. Like I said… it’s fully automated.

All commissions are paid INSTANTLY into your PayPal account.

$4.99 may seem like a small amount to you know however once you start getting sales this small amount will accumulate into a growing residual monthly income. See my example below so you can imagine what’s possible even with a minimum of sales.

2 daily sales x $4.99 = $299.40 per month (Residual Income)

5 daily sales x $4.99 = $748.50 per month (Residual Income)

10 daily sales x $4.99 = $1497.00 per month (Residual Income)

PLUS ENDLESS $50 one time payments randomly paid into your PayPal account

When you take action and follow the easy step by step process the above is indeed possible and more. You can see the difference in the numbers and how much your monthly income can increase.

The main key to this business is consistency, which is the same for any business you have online no matter how much you are earning.

You will receive your fully automated site just like the one I’m sharing here plus you will have access to our member’s site. 5 Dollar Wonder members have access to every possible opportunity to maximise your sales.

No matter where you are in the world this business can be shared across the globe which is a major benefit as not all businesses online are equal, where you can reach as many people as possible.

If you can copy and paste, 5 Dollar Wonder will supply a tonne of pre-written emails, tweets and Facebook shout outs and all you have to do is copy and paste them into all the Facebook links that are also supplied for you. It really doesn’t get much easier than this.

I could go on and on about this amazing little income earner but I would prefer you see for yourself. If help is required I’ll be here for you as well as our prompt support team and /or the F & Q page.

1 tiny investment of $5

Now you can turn a tiny investment of $5 into a Major Income Stream or choose our One Time Membership payment of $50 which you could earn more, which will make you so much more than those who join in at $5.
I don’t really want to call you CRAZY but that’s what you’ll be if you don’t at least take a look at the video to see how easy it is.

5 Dollar Wonder Free Video

Questions?  Feel free to ask in the comments below. All Questions will be answered within 24 hours 🙂


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Empower Network | Objective Review by Len Clements of Inside Network Marketing



Watch Video Below

By Len Clements © 2013

An Rare, Authentic, Objective Review by a Non-Participant


Around August of 2012, not long after Zeek Rewards was hit with the regulatory trifecta (the SEC charged them with being a pyramid scheme, and Ponzi scheme, and an unregistered security), I began to receive an ascending number of inquiries concerning Empower Network1 I don’t believe the timing was coincidental. A lot of people had just gotten a taste of quick, online derived cash with relatively little effort, and they found it delectable. When the SEC took Zeek off the menu, there was an unsatiated craving for more entrées that boasted a super-size serving of dough with the expectation that someone else was going to do a lot of the baking.

And Empower Network was discovered. And their patrons appear to be gorging themselves.

I’m not suggesting Empower Network affiliates don’t apply effort in the creation of their income. They do. So no, it’s not an unregistered security. Nor am I suggesting they are a Ponzi scheme. They are not, nor do I see anything that would even remotely suggest otherwise. So let’s eliminate those two issues right up front. But after a thorough, six month investigation involving a survey of 104 active affiliates2 and a marathon six hour interrogation of CEO and co-founder Dave Wood.3 plus another hour-and-a-half with co-founder David Sharpe, it appears there are still some dark spots on Empower Network’s X-ray, and a couple urgently warrant a biopsy. Having said that, and much to their credit, one of the most troubling diagnoses – let’s call it Acute Adrenocortical Income Claim Carcinoma – seems to have resulted in emergency surgery followed by an aggressive after-care regimen of preventive medicine. Considering the extent to which it has metastasized, the prognosis is guarded.

This is just one example of several where concerns that I raised during the non-public investigative process resulted in a pro-active attempt at resolution. What ever red flags I may present in this review, I am convinced none are deliberate, and all are being, or will be, addressed.

Whether it’s enough, and in time, or too little, too late, only time will tell.

Product Issues

Empower Network offers essentially five products:

1. The $25 monthly “Fast Start” Training
2. The $100 monthly “Inner Circle”
3. The single $500 “Costa Rica Intensive”
4. The single $1,000 “15K Formula”
5. The single $3,500 “Masters Course”4

If you want to go “All In”, which is highly and universally encouraged by virtually everyone,….. READ MORE…..

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How to Find a Top Online Business

My personal tips to help  you find a Top Online Business

There is an abundance of work from home opportunities on the internet so finding exactly the right one that will suite you is not easy. This is the method I used to find my Top Online Business…….

1. Avoid any website that has outrageous income claims.

2. Avoid sites with money flying around all over the place, this is just a visual ploy to suck you in.

3. Try to stop yourself from going for the freebie they offer, although some free offers are very good, they are just another way of getting you to sign up.

4. A website that contains multiple flashing banner ads and has different offers all over the page is definitely a red flag.

5. Be careful of people making scam claims about other businesses, these are usually the people that are scamming you or trying to get you to join their business by defaming another top online business.

6.One thing I know for sure…..”Get rich quick”, “make money now” and “This opportunity will not last long” blatantly screams a scam! A top online business usually doesn’t need to use terms like this to suck you in and are simply pitching terms.

7. Most of the businesses that are not the real deal offer a mass produced website for a cheap price or even for free. The internet is full of opportunists just waiting to take your money. Not many provide training and you will soon realize you have been duped when you are not making the outrageous amounts of money they promised you.

8. Look for details like, do they provide direct contact details, personal phone or mobile numbers a business address or Skype address or any way that you could contact them directly. Make contact with this person through Facebook or Twitter to get to know them, ask questions about their top online business to make sure they are legit.

9. Most people looking for an on line opportunity usually have not worked on line before or have a basic knowledge of the internet. So, a business with a great opportunity would be one that would teach you how the system works from beginning to end. An opportunity that makes you think… I can do this…. is a top online business.

10. You will need to know how to promote your business opportunity and how to generate leads etc. Ask yourself, will this business offer everything I will need to succeed?

11. Will you have a sponsor to work with and support you with your home business.

My Personal Tip


Top Online Business

Look for a home business that gives you the opportunity to try out for a period of time (30 days) is enough time to see if the business will suit you.
It is common place these days to be charged an application fee, which is fully refundable in most cases. Some of the top opportunities on the internet have set in place an application fee to sort out the serious from the curious.
Last of all, look for transparency, trust you’re built in instincts and then go with your gut feeling! Following this will certainly point you in the right direction.

Skype: sandymoore1

Aust. Mobile: +61 415145 948

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Is Your Designer Website Bringing New Business Through The Door?

Online Business Builder Internet Solution for the Professionals

Designer Website  | New Business Through The Door?

So, you have a state of the art designer Website that you paid an arm and a leg for but is it bringing new business through the door for you? Are the search engines finding your designer website or is it sitting idle in cyber space gathering dust.

This would be the same website that looks a million dollars and emptied your bank account of the money you had set aside to spend on your marketing.   Many businesses are having trouble understanding why their website isn’t generating walk in traffic and buyers like it should be.

Is your static website doing the job you thought it would?

Is it an automatic prospecting system that generates bums on seats, people through the door and copious amounts of sales online and off?

If your designer website is simply an information site so people can find you offline, it probably suites your needs. However, if you were expecting your designer website to pay for itself while also bringing in more targeted traffic to your business… you could be waiting a long time.

What Type of Designer Website Works Best?

The type of designer website that works best for your business is one that works, for you. Before I go into detail, I would like to explain a few things to you about your business and potential prospects or targeted traffic, when you are using the internet as a prospecting tool.

I know most business owners are great at sales and selling to their target audience which are your walk in the door or click on the website customers. The biggest problem you have is to get those customers through the door and to click on your site.

As a rule business owners like you are pretty good at selling. If you had 10 people sitting in front of you or calling you on the phone and they wanted to hear what you have to tell them… you could probably get 4 to 5 of those prospective customers over the line without any trouble…… right?

Designer Websites, do they work?

What is actually constraining your business is not your ability to sell, it’s the actual number of people / leads or qualified prospects sitting down in front of you. So, how do you get the prospect through the door? One of the best ways to do this is to go online if you are not already.  One of the most brilliant insights of the internet is that people go online, let’s say to search for fold away deck chairs. This is called your target audience if you are in the business of selling deck chairs. What they haven’t decided is who they are going to buy these deck chairs from.

Designer Website on Whoissandymoore.com

Now if your designer website isn’t set up the right way with the right content to attract the robots that are crawling the internet for fresh content, your website simply will not be found by your prospective buyers. Your website is place of information for your prospective buyers and with any luck they will purchase from you while they are on your site. That is, if you have the right information and they can find you in the search engines.

Are you the Master or Mistress of your Website?

If you need something changed on your website like a phone number, a product price an image of your new employee,  you just call your web designer to change it right? This is just about the limit of fresh content that most websites see in a year and of course there is no way the search engines will be crawling your website looking for one new phone number on your website that is on page 20 of the search engines. So your website stays static and may jump a spot or two because of your new info…. but that’s about it.

Every time you need a new change on your website you are forced to call the person who made your designer website so they can make the changes for you.

An automatic prospecting system  or your wordpress.org website transforms visitors into paying customer which is critical for your business to prosper long term  online. The main reason why most designer websites don’t work very well is that most business owners and small to medium businesses are far too tactical when it comes to marketing on the internet. Basically, this means that you might be running with some SEO or some pay per click advertising, which isn’t really having an overall defining strategy to how you are marketing your business on the internet.

Designer Website | Framework

To market yourself  or your business successfully on the internet you need to use strategies which actually work. A marketing plan and framework that will drive endless leads and prospects right into your business.  Fresh content which will be crawled by the search engines and in turn land your business on page 1.

Online Business Builder on WhoisSandymoore.com

This framework consists of creating content, finding your target audience, marketing your content then connecting and converting your visitors into ongoing paying customers. You need to know who your customer is, you need to give them continuous content they are searching for, which will provide them with the information on the product they wish to purchase. You need to get that information out there  so your customer can find the products they are searching for. You are then connecting with your customer so they can purchase the product they set out to buy. If you are not on page 1 within your niche you will not get their business, your  competitors will.

The above is the most crucial strategy for turning your website visitors into a long term paying customers. By using this framework in your business and the strategy of an automatic prospecting system to transform your static designer website, building your business online has a whole new meaning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to put your web designer out of business. On the contrary, once you have your new website that is performing for you,  your web designer will  make it look just like before or can even give you a new fresh new look to match your new website.

I Don’t Have a Web Designer – what’s my Next Step?

That’s OK you can either follow the step by step instructions on WordPress 2.0 or you can get an expert to set it up for you.

For more information about your own Designer Website and how to get started you can contact us here.

Your Online Business Success, Did They Recruit You Then Forget About YOU?

It happens a lot don’t laugh! They spend hours recruiting you into their online business and then forget about you.  No recognitions, no thanks for coming, no how are you going with your business? Nothing……..

Do they ever ask if you need help? Do they ever offer an hour of their time to help you move forward in your business? Are you lost, alone and have no one in the company to turn to?

Wondering what your next move might be and how and when they are going to give you some training that might just help you move forward? Does your company even have training?

Do they have a Skype group of community members you can turn to when you just can’t find the answers? Have you just about maxed out every credit card learning how to market online?

Do they call your new members and guide them through the next process and take the load off. Do they have an automated system that does the telling and selling for you? Do they have a team of online business coaches you can connect with on Skype or via a phone call to help you with your technical problems?

Does the company your with offer to set your system up for you if you’re not technically savvy (only charging you a small service fee)? Do they supply weekly training for you on the marketing strategies that will help your business move forward?

Do they recognise your achievements?




Do they keep you up to date with what’s happening with online marketing strategies and what’s working online today? Does your company have a training Archive you can go back into a search for training you might have missed last week because you were spending valuable time with your family.

Does your company hold events where you can mix with your peers and like minded people who are also having the same success that you are having.  Do they share all their success strategies and secrets with you so you can move ahead in your business?

Do they have a morning wakeup call where you can plug in every morning and get your dose of positivity and a mindset check? Does your company hold a live Question and Answer time weekly so you can get your questions answered? Do they have an information call where you can send your leads so you don’t have to do the selling and telling?

Do they do anything for you at all?

You don’t have to answer that because I already know the answer is NO! I know this because every time someone joins my business they are totally blown away by what we offer here at PRO! If your company doesn’t offer all of the above you can be sure to find it all when you join us.

You will be recognised and you will not be forgotten!!!


When you achieve you are rewarded and recognised by the whole community.  Your peers will congratulate you for your efforts and you in turn will strive to achieve what you never thought was possible. Personal growth and success in your Online Business.

Not only is Pro a community where you make money, make friends and make new business partners daily. It’s a place with a community spirit beyond anything you have ever seen online.  Where people freely recommend you and your talents without expecting  anything in return. A place where you can learn online business and marketing strategies to not only help you grow your business, it will help you grow you……


A Place Where Leaders Help Leaders Succeed!!









If you’ve been recruited and forgotten about …. I would love to hear your story in the comments section below.  While your here, feel free to share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or share using the onlywire button.