How To Use Pinterest For Your Business | Free Download

How To Use Pinterest For Your Business | Free Download

There has been a lot of talk lately about the hottest new Social Networking site Pinterest. According to Compete, unique visitors to Pinterest increased by 155% in just one month from December 2011 to January, 2012.

Back in December 2011, Pinterest was one of the top 10 social networking sites sitting at #5 knocking out the big guns like Linkedin and Google+.

How To Use Pinterest For Your Business | Free Download

Can you use Pinterest for Marketing your Business?

This is the question on everyone’s lips……. And of course the answer is YES!! The way you use Pinterest is by posting (pinning) images and video’s to your pinboard or others boards. User can either upload their own images from their computer or from the internet either by using the Pinterest Bookmarklet or simply posting the URL.

Use Pinterest with Caution

Yes, your heard right…. According to Galen Moore of Boston Business Journal. Here’s what he reports after a short experiment with Pinterest and how Pinterest’s service agreement gives it the right to sell images that users upload. 

Read Galen Moore’s Article here

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business | Free Download

Request an Invite to Pinterest

Oh, another thing…. you can’t just join up and you’re in, apparently once you request and invitation they will send you an invite within 48 hours. Really, what are they thinking? As one of the fastest growing Social Networking sites, as if they’re not going to let you in.  Anyway check Pinterest out and make up your own mind.

Free Download | How to use Pinterest for Business

Before you request an invite take a look at the latest book by Magdalena Geogieva of Hubspot where she shares how to drive traffic and leads to your website with Pinterest.

You can download How to use Pinterest now and start using it to drive traffic.

Download the Ebook now by clicking on the book below.

How To Use Pinterest For Your Business | Free Download

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of Pinterest! Is it for you and your business and do we really have time for another social networking site?



How to use Google Plus for Business | Free Ebook Download

how to use google+ for business free download

New Ebook – How to use Google + for Business

With all the social media sites online today, do we really need this new one called Google +? For me, it’s important how I use my time online as I’m sure it is for you. Time is the one thing most of us want more of.  Although I have set up a Google+ account I really haven’t used it to capacity like I do Facebook.

There really is a lot of hype about Google+ right now and the possibility it will take over from Facebook. Personally, I would like to use them both in conjunction with each other.  Many of the top bloggers are already taking advantage of Google+ Business pages and with the help of “How to use Google+ for your business, Free Download you too can now take advantage of  Business Pages.

The author of the book Magdalena Georgieva has made it an easy to follow format for beginner, intermediate and advanced online marketer.  Inside you will find topics like “What Google+ is and Why it Matters”, “How to Set up a Google+ Business Page”, The Benefits of Google+ in Search and much more.

Magdalena has also provided readers with a step by step tutorial for the Google+ setup and if you have any troubles on the way through you can also head on over to HubSpot’s Google+ Page and they will kindly answer all your questions.

Do you have a Google+ 1 Button on your Website?

If you don’t, you should!!

Statistics show recently that those with a Google+1 button on their website, receive 3.5 times as many visitors that those that don’t. When I read this I was extremely pleased I was the owner of a Google+ button on my website. By the way, don’t forget to click on my Google+ one button to the left of this article. If you haven’t got your Google + Business Page up and running, grab a copy of  “How to use Google+ for Business, follow the step by step instructions and I’ll see you there.

Click on the Dowload Button Below to Grab Your FREE Copy

How to use Google+ Plus for Business

What do you think of Google+ Business Pages? Share your opinion in the comments below, I would love to hear what you think about Google Plus.  (This is a dofollow blog) Don’t forget to click on my Google+ button to the left hand side.

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