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Clever Facebook Marketing – Does it Cut the Mustard

Grey Poupon Clever Facebook Marketing



Is this a Joke or a clever Facebook

Marketing Strategy?

After reading this article over at Adweek I thought, I have now heard it all and it crossed my mind that it had to be a joke.

Or perhaps it is just plain rude……. Keep reading, I’ll let you be the judge.

Gone are the days when you can just like a like on Facebook just for the simple fact that you really do like it.

Grey Poupon, the famous mustard company in the United States is no longer cutting the mustard in my book and you may not cut the mustard in their book either.  Their high horse Facebook marketing campaign seems to have an air of “you are not  good enough to “LIKE” our page”.  According to Tim Nudd of Adweek , Grey Poupon have not done mass marketing  advertising for the past 15 years and have now returned using a Facebook champagne that allows only “ Classy people to like the brands Facebook page”.

Once the “Like” is clicked, Fans of the brand are asked to apply for membership to the Society on the Grey Poupon Facebook page, where an algorithm will then determine whether or not they ‘cut the mustard,’ ” the brand says.

The brand also states the algorithm “will search and judge users’ profiles based on their proper use of grammar, art taste, restaurant check-ins, books read and movie selections, to name a few. If the algorithm detects poor taste in music or TXT speak, for example, they could be rejected for membership.

Declined Facebook Like?

Grey Poupon says “Those whose applications are declined will have their “LIKE” rescinded.” I’m not too sure if anyone really has had their “Like” rescinded but I do know that I’m in and that they let me know they were very impressed with my profile and gave me a 98% Good Taste ranking.  Do I care what Grey Poupon thinks of me and my Facebook profile?…… Not really, but I have to say if they rescinded my “LIKE” my rather large following of over 5,000 Facebook friends would surely have heard about it. Another genius Facebook marketing ploy.

Grey Poupon on Facebook

I love the way this application works and it’s lot of fun and very tongue in cheek….. I think!

Of course this is a genius marketing champagne and there is no way that you wouldn’t “Cut the Mustard” because I’m sure the famous mustard company wouldn’t want any negative feedback.  With over 27,000 Facebook “Likes” I would say this Facebook marketing strategy definitely Cuts the Mustard”

On the down side, if you have been rejected by Grey Poupon’s Fan Page I would love to hear from you.  I guess when you’ve been around for as long as they have, since around 1700 or so you can have whoever you “LIKE” as a fan….. Don’t you think?





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Facebook Likes | 4 Steps to More Facebook Fans

Facebook Likes | 4 Steps to More Facebook Fans

There’s been a rumour going around recently that businesses are having trouble getting Facebook Likes. The recent Timeline changes have confused many business owners, online and offline. I’m writing this article for a client who wants to know how to find new customers using the Facebook like  strategy and then drive this traffic to her Fan page.

The fact is, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to buy Facebook Likes and gain hundreds or even thousands of leads. With a large fan base, it will be possible to do the following.

Build a profitable business, not just a fan page.

Reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Develop a real, valuable list of contacts.

Turn leads into paying customers.

Give you a long term traffic source.

In the case of my client, LaPosh Boutique, who sells the latest fashion in wedding dresses, flower girl and mother of the bride as well as runway ladies fashion. LaPosh knows there are millions of prospective customers and brides online looking for their beautiful bridal wear and products. They are just not aware of the many ways to tap into this never ending traffic source and get more Facebook Likes or prospective customers.

The Mystery Solved about Facebook Likes

Using social media to gain new customers is not the mystery it used to be if you can find the traffic and then drive this traffic to your fan page and hence gain the Facebook likes you require. This will build an ongoing list of people looking for exactly what you have.

Here’s how to drive traffic and build your Facebook likes.

Step 1. Find other fan pages that have already done the work for you, pages that already have tonnes of fans all in the one place interested in what you have. That is, thousands of fans already interested in the bridal market….. as mentioned earlier with my client La Posh Bridal.

Step 2. Go to the Facebook search bar and search for fan pages to do with your niche. i.e. for the bridal industry you could search for wedding car hire. The first one that appears in the search is Wedding Car Hire in the UK with over 11,000 Facebook likes. My client sells her made to measure beautiful bridal gowns online so here on this fan page are over 11,000 prospective clients.

Facebook Likes | 4 Steps to More Facebook Fans

Keep doing this and liking different fan pages within your niche.

Next you could search “Wedding Dresses” a list will pop up in the search and then go to the bottom and click on “See more results for wedding dresses” where a full list will pop up. Go to the left side of the page and click on pages.

The first page that comes up is Wedding Dresses with 292,999 fans, so click on the like button and head on over there to check out their page.

Facebook Likes | 4 Steps to More Facebook Fans

How would like to put your message in front of this amount of fans who are interested in your niche…. ?

Step 3. Use this simple technique to bring those fans back to YOUR page.

Now, go back to your fan page and make a post on your page and be sure to tag the fan page for Wedding Dresses. To do this you simply type @wedding dresses and the wedding dresses site will pop up…. So just click on in to add it to the post. The 292,999 fans from Wedding Dresses will see your post and then head on over to check your page out.

LaPosh Boutique, my client would write “Check out the gorgeous lace wedding boots over @wedding dresses.” Then simply click on post. You will see “wedding dresses” will be tagged and highlighted in Facebook blue.

Another way to attract more Facebook Likes is to search the same way as above for people in your niche i.e. Bridal niche “Eventz N Trends”. You then find an image on their timeline, click the share button, a box will pop up and you will then see a drop down box at the top. You will then have the opportunity to post on your own timeline, a friends timeline or your own fan page.

Facebook Likes

In this case you would click on “Share on my Fan Page”. Write a nice comment about their image and don’t forget to tag them again using @ Eventz N Trends … then post.

Remember, you must “like” these pages first or this simply won’t work.

By using this exact method you can attract endless amounts of leads back to your Fan page for free. This is the same tactic used by numerous online marketers to attract endless new customers to the Fan page and gain thousands of Facebook Likes.

Step 4. Post at the right time for more Facebook Likes

For instance,  be smart about time zones. My client is based in Perth, Western Australia and sells not only to her local market but also to overseas clients.

I recommend posting twice a day at least using the techniques above. Think like your client….. the bride. She works all day and can’t wait to get home and get online after dinner at around 7.30 pm or sometime after to check out what’s happened on Facebook today.

However, my client also wants to attract overseas clients as she sells made to measure wedding gowns online. The best time to attract these people would be at their end of day, so I caution you to check out time zones and make sure you post at times you will get the best response.

A little trial and error will work here.

For me, I live on the East Coast of Australia in Sydney and my target audience are local and global as well. I find it best to post first thing in the morning and then around 9pm in the evening, when I know some of the USA is just waking up and checking their morning mail and reading Facebook updates.

It’s important to remember that it’s not about how many Facebook “Likes” you have but about how you interact with these customers that will turn them into long term paying customers.

Just like Facebook, I’m always coming up with new ways to market my clients business online as well as my own.

How do you drive more customers to your fan page for more Facebook Likes?   Leave a comment with your tips.


Facebook Groups Designed for Sharing your Valuable Information

Facebook Groups Designed for Sharing your Valuable Information

Blogging goes hand in hand with social media marketing and one of the largest social networking sites is Facebook. Once you have completed adding content to your website you will want to share it with as many people as possible. Today, I want to share with you some of the Facebook groups designed for sharing your valuable information and reaching the masses.

What to Share in Facebook Groups?

Many marketers and business owners know that Facebook is a great place to share and unfortunately abuse this resource by spamming a link to their business opportunity. They then wonder why this strategy doesn’t work for them long term and the simple answer is people do not want your business opportunity constantly thrust in their faces. Everyone is doing it and if you are one of these people, you should take note of what I’m about to share with you.

Facebook Groups using Attraction Marketing

If you haven’t caught on to the art of attraction marketing yet I suggest you read up on this quick smart. It’s been around online and offline for a very long time and can work for your business with amazingly positive results.

This brings me to what you should be posting on Facebook groups and Fan Pages, which is quality information about your business or industry.

Hundreds of people join Facebook groups and “Like” Fan pages generally because they want information about a particular subject the group or fan page offers.

So you should join groups and “LIKE” pages relevant to your business. Here’s an example – if you are just starting out in the entrepreneurial world you could join my group “Creating Entrepreneurs One Step at a Time”. Here you will find seasoned entrepreneurs and those just starting out and wanting information about how to get started. It would be silly to join a group about weight loss if you sold stationary for instance…. I think you get the idea.

Please Note: The Facebook groups I have provided below may not be suitable to everyone.

How do I find Facebook groups to post to?

This is easy, just go the Facebook search bar and type in the words for your industry and see what pops up in your niche. For example, if you were in the Travel Industry you would type Travel into the search bar and then search. As shown below, there will be a mix of groups and pages that appear, just choose which ones suit your business the best.

Facebook Groups on Who Is Sandy Moore

Below you will find the list I personally use for online marketing, plus a few extras.



Sandy Moore Online

Creating Entrepreneurs One Step at a Time



Easther Sudharta Online Game Plan

MyOnlineGameplan -Taking Marketing to the Next Level

Network Marketing Australia & NZ


4,500 Network Marketing Friends In 45 Days

“Social Media Can Set You Free”

Add Networking Friends!

Post Your URL

Advertise Here

Ultimate Success In Network Marketing

Live More Work Less Lifestyle Gathering Place

Get Your Blog Followers

Wa’Dell L Jones & The MLM Success Tribe

Blacks Doing International Business with all Races

Attraction Marketing Training with Mavis Nong

Aussie Thunder

Motivated MLM Dads! But who may need Help!

Post it here daily

Add Networking Friends!

Broadcast Bloggers


Network Marketers Unite

‘Social Media Trends’

FB For Fun and Profit

Moms Who work from Home and Want to Network

If you have a group you would like to add your group to the list, you are welcome to leave me a comment with your group in the comment box. Let’s make this a list to remember.