Brand Yourself Online and Become the Expert in your Niche

Brand Yourself

How do you share your own personal message with the world? How do you brand yourself, tell your story completely and still make money?  What personal experience and knowledge have you gained throughout your life that you can use to brand yourself online?

That’s right, when you share your knowledge with others and brand yourself as an expert in your niche or industry, people will come directly to you, start referring you to others and this is where you can monetize your knowledge online that will brand yourself.

Right now, you would be thinking “What do I know that’s so special I could share it”? I know that’s what you’re thinking because it’s what I thought when I was first starting out online. You may already be an expert in a certain area and just don’t know how to put this expertise to work for you and your brand. When you brand yourself online you can’t let fear get in the way…. don’t worry what others will think of you or your story. You can’t attract everyone to you, just those that relate to your story.

Everyone has knowledge, wisdom and some kind of expertise they can offer to others. I’ll use myself as an example, 5 years ago my position in real estate was replaced by someone much younger and less expensive than me. It was at this time that I turned to the internet to secure my families future… being a solo parent, the pressure was on and I had to work fast.

It took me a while to find the right direction, mentor and mindset and when I did it was full speed ahead. The first thing I did was brand myself on line… endeavouring to show transparency through telling my story. I didn’t set out to change the world I just wanted to change the world of those who were interested.  I figured, if I could make a difference in my life, I could show others how to make a difference in theirs.

Back then when I was starting, there was a kind of secrecy to getting started online and everyone seemed to have an agenda and trying to sell you something. I knew I didn’t want to be one of these people. My work ethics and values were way above hammering people with products and sales pitches. 

Brand Yourself Online and become the expert in your niche

I was hearing all kinds of jargon like blogging, Facebook, Social Media, Content marketing etc… I really didn’t have any idea how to get my message out there or how to build a revenue base from my message. By surrounding myself with experts in my industry, by modelling them, watching them and ultimately befriending them I learn’t how to build a real business from either the knowledge I already had or by gathered knowledge from others on and offline. I attended conferences, listened to powerful mindset training and even found myself a mentor who gave me endless ideas on how to brand yourself online.

There are certain steps you will need to take to become an expert in your field online…. Here are a few tips.

Choose your subject. This could be anything you are passionate about or you may decide on a new subject you are going to become a master at and teach others to become a master in this subject too. It’s no use choosing something just because it’s popular, if you are not passionate about it, it won’t work… you have to own it.

What are you learning now that you love? What would you like to shout to the world?  What set of values would you share with people and which one of these things would you like to make an income doing?


Brand Yourself | Sandy Moore Consulting


I ask these questions of my clients so they can delve deep into their thoughts and do what they truly love and to get their minds ticking. Once you start to change the way you think and dig deep within your true self this is when you will truly make a difference, not only to your life but to others as well.

For example – you could be an outstanding executive for a major company, why not teach other people how to become an amazing executive as well.  You’ve been there done that, you have an abundance of information about how you got to where you are today, share it! By sharing and giving advice about what you know best you can brand yourself as the go to person in your field.

What’s your Story that will brand yourself?

The big thing that differentiates one brand from another is their story. This isn’t rocket science I know, everyone has a different story and people want to hear it. Your story is what will make you stand out from the next expert in your field. We all have the same tools and technology however the difference is the quality of your story and how you connect with people and explain who you are, how you are different and what values and service you have to offer.

When telling your story you need to have credibility and there are 3 ways to demonstrate your expertise. Tell the story of how you get results. For example, if you were a top real estate agent and you sold 60 homes per month. You then tell the story of how you sell 60 homes per month, this will give you credibility.

In fact I have a friend online who’s an expert interviewer. Peter had been marketing online for a few years part-time and he knew he needed to become an expert in his field to make money. How better to do this than to interview experts in the field of marketing. He no runs The Peter Montgomery Show and has turned this expertise into his product. Peter’s an excellent example of when you can get results from researching other people you then become the reporter and the research expert which also then makes you a good role model for others to follow.

Brand yourself via connection

The next step to brand yourself is all about making a connection with your audience. Let your audience know there’s nothing special about you, help them understand that you’ve been through the same struggles that they have been through and if you haven’t, then let them know that you can empathise and understand what they are going through.

You will make the best connections with your audience, not by bragging about all you have conquered but by letting them know that you too have been through the struggle.  You are just like them. People, want to know you and when they know, like and trust you they then gain that level of authenticity with you. You become transparent.

Your readers will want to hear the good parts of your story too, how you “made it” just not upfront.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to branding. There is a lot more to tell you, however I think this article and the tips provided will help you understand the basics whether you are a large or small business.

 Brand Yourself

A few tips to remember to brand yourself online.

  1. Look at what you are passionate about – what you love to do and what you want to shout to the world. The more passionate you are the more successful you will be. If you don’t have something you are passionate about do some research and perhaps you will find something to inspire you.
  2. Get someone else’s perspective, your friends will love to tell you what they think you would be great at and you’ll also get a few more good ideas to toss around and brainstorm.
  3. If you are already an expert at a particular subject, brand yourself as the expert in this field.
  4. Surround yourself with other leaders in your field, hang out with them, follow them and friend them. You will learn so much from hanging out with the right people and they will help you brand yourself online.
  5. Tell your story – Not to give you bragging rights, but to give you transparency with your readers so they will know you are like them, you are human and have been where they are.
  6. Your story should have credibility. The way to show this credibility is by showing your results or proof of how you have become an expert at what you do. Show people that you have good values and are a role model, they will be happy to do business with you.
  7. Even if you think you don’t have a story and are just starting out, people work on the theory that if you are honest and transparent you are worth knowing and will follow you and listen.

To brand yourself online is to give you and your business a strong internet presence, credibility where you control your own search results.

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2013 Marketing Plan | Small Business Marketing Ideas

“To Continuously Be Successful You Must Do Different Things Continuously!”


Without a 2013 Marketing Plan you are setting yourself and your business up for failure.

For the small business owner, online marketing procedures and tactics can be a never ending headache. This is especially true for those businesses without a marketing plan.

What makes it even worse is the mountain of so called experts and gurus sipping cocktails on sun drenched beaches in the Bahamas, promising you can make millions.

Having worked with many small business owners over the past years, I am yet to find the magic trick that will allow me to lay on a banana lounge on a sun drenched beach and achieve massive success. As a business owner or if you are starting a business, you’ll be aware that marketing is the lifeline of your business and without a marketing plan your target audience simply will not find you.

With the correct marketing plan and system in place your business can attract a regular flow of clients, leads and sales to your business. These days many small businesses are hiring marketers to do this for them which eats considerably into their marketing plan. This is great if your business can afford it however, many people starting from scratch or even in their first couple of years would rather put their marketing budget into tools and systems that will help their business run more efficiently.

Having a marketing plan in place will be the difference between a successful 2013 taking forward steps and scratching your head half way through the year wondering what you are doing wrong.

Here are a few steps to take into consideration to optimize your marketing plan.

Understand your target audience

2013 Marketing Plan


Understand your target audience and why they need your product or service, why they buy, know their pain and ask questions via online surveys to get to know what your client needs from your business. This is also forming a better relationship with your client/customer that will last a lot longer than trying to sell them on your product.

What value are you giving your clients? Perhaps you need to re-evaluate what makes you stand out from your competitors and what makes you unique and the way you communicate with your clients and prospective clients.

Your marketing plan should also include the following…..

A mix of paid and free marketing strategies should be implemented into your marketing plan. Facebook advertising, banner advertising (online display) on high authority websites or Google advertising are  a few examples of paid marketing strategies and should be a strong backbone to your marketing plan for 2013.

Not everyone can afford paid marketing strategies however, I would advise you not to go full speed ahead into a Google Pay Per Click marketing campaign until you are more experienced in this strategy as I have seen many marketers come unstuck after spending thousands of dollars with little or no results.

Assuming your website is already up and running on the platform or has a blog attached to it, you should be good to go with the next strategies. If your website is not yet set up, it’s not difficult to start today and be up and running with a basic website within 24 hours. You can find more information on how to set up your new website here.


13 marketing plan | Content

Be sure all your newsletter and website information are targeting the right audience. Write a plan for your content at least a few months in advance and know how you are going to distribute your content so it reaches your audience though search, display and social media. Always have a call to action at the end of your content so your readers know the next step to take to obtain what you are offering.

Onsite conversion strategies

Test different calls to action to find what works best and gets your customers to respond. Be seen as an authority to be trusted in your field by having client testimonials on your website, association badges and ratings, case studies and a privacy policy. Mobile marketing will be the way of the future so make sure your website is mobile responsive.

2013 Marketing Plan

Don’t forget the many other marketing strategies to implement in your marketing plan such as video marketing, email marketing, press releases, engaging with your clients via social media, content sharing and a consistent SEO plan to see your business make new heights in 2013.

January 2013 marks a new beginning, a new month, a new quarter, the first month in 2013 and a new chapter in your business. 2012 may not have worked out the way you planned and that’s ok, just don’t drag your old ways of 2012 into 2013.

Part of your marketing plan should be to know and how to implement the different marketing strategies within your business. These are many and varied as mentioned above and if you are only using one of two of these strategies you could be losing customers and new leads into your business. Without a marketing plan that covers most of what I have spoken about here you are missing out on genuine customers that want what you have no matter what your service or product. Let’s face it….. if your business was right under you customer’s nose where they are looking for what you have…. You wouldn’t be reading this now.

The biggest problem with most marketing plans is that many business owners don’t know how to implement most of these strategies and don’t know where to go to learn how to implement these powerful marketing strategies. The internet is a BIG place where you can easily get lost in the amount of information online, spend thousands of dollars outsourcing to the wrong people or on PPC (pay per click) advertising as I mentioned above.

The biggest factor to my business success over the past few years has been… having a support team when I’d come across online obstacles. Being able to find answers to my questions and having the support and experience behind me that has helped grow my business.  You can’t run a successful business online by yourself and have success, if you don’t have the network and support to turn to when you don’t know the next step. You would now be thinking to yourself “what has Sandy’s business success have to do your my marketing plan for 2013”?

2013 marketing plan

I certainly would not have had the success I am seeing in my business if I only used one or two marketing strategies in my marketing plan. Over the past 4 years I’ve learned every marketing strategy possible which makes it possible for me to implement and grow my business into the future. Of course as the internet changes I need to keep up with these changes so I can continually reach my target audience who are searching Google for what I offer.

Make 2013 your year to be a success online.  Extend your marketing plan so that your business can grow not just for this year but growth to sustain your business for years to come.




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Christmas Wishes from my Family to your Family

Christmas Wishes from my Family to your Family

Christmas wishes from my family to your family and I truly hope you have had a happy, healthy and prosperous year in 2012. For those readers who have not had such a great year may your Christmas wishes come to fruition in 2013.

It’s Christmas Eve here in Sydney, Australia is 10am in the morning as I send these Christmas wishes to my readers, clients and online friends and the sun is beaming down as we prepare for another scorcher of a day here in OZ.

Globally, 2012 has been full of tragedies where we were witness to a luxury cruise ship run aground off the coast of Italy with many lives lost and conflict between Israel and Gaza reignited. Others around the world lost their lives due to the legal and illegal ownership of weapons and hundreds of families will not be celebrating as they should be this year, but asking for strength and guidance as they face life without their loved ones. 

Plus there were the natural disasters that occurred such as Hurricane Sandy in the United States and severe flooding and fires here in Australia. Let’s not forget our brave Australian and U.S. soldiers keeping our countries safe so we can all enjoy a peaceful Christmas.

On a more personal note, I have been blessed this year to be spending Christmas with my beautiful family who have been a wonderful support to me this year through my Cancer journey. I’m also very fortunate I work from home full time and that I have been able to work when I want. Life is good and I’m so grateful that my business is growing, my health is back on track and am looking forward to an even more successful 2013.

Christmas wishes to all my readers and all the best for a successful 2013. Those of you who have not had the taste of success yet and would like to know the best way to get started….. here’s my Christmas gift to you.  Make 2013 your best year yet. 🙂



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Real Quick Commissions |Is It A Scam?

real quick commissions is it a scam

Terms like, real quick commissions, make money fast, quick cash, fast cash or anything that implies you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars fast…… are simply headlines to suck desperate people in.

Real Quick Commissions

I follow and subscribe to many of the top affiliate marketers online and subscribe to their mailing list to keep up to date with what’s happening. Today I received an email from one of the top marketers  pitching………Real quick commissions.  Now, as a seasoned marketer the name in itself screams scam, however I don’t like to point the finger until I am totally sure of my facts.

Real Quick Commissions dot com

I watched about 2 minutes of the sales page video before I made my decision, however I wanted to be sure before writing this post.

When I need to check something out, I trust the many experienced marketers over at the Warrior forum so I paid them a visit to see what some of the top marketers in the online world were saying about Real Quick Commissions and Jeff Carter. (see below)

Over at the warrior forum

“Have any of you heard of and tried Jeff Carter’s Real Quick program? Well here’s my word of warning for any of you that maybe thinking about it: don’t bother.

Are any of you familiar with the Info Millionaire program in 2009? How about EDC Gold, or any of a host of other get rich on the Internet by selling software programs? This program combines all of them together in a despicable form with a worse than used-car-salesman-type-sales pitch. Let me show you what I mean:

You can read the full story at the Warrior forum

You only have to do a Google search on real quick commissions scam and you will see all the warrior forum posts and dozens more to back this post up.

It’s really not my place to say that you can’t make money with this software however, if you read the disclaimer at the bottom you will see that actors were used in this video. FTC requires this disclaimer.

Real Quick Commissions Scam

A word of advice about Real Quick Commissions and products similar to it that claim to be capable of making you money with only 15 mins work each day.

Click button, easy system does not exist when it comes to making money online.  I’m not saying you can’t make money with Real Quick Commissions or other similar products, it’s just that from my experience it will be 10 times as much work and effort than what the owner says and several up sells worth hundreds of dollars to make it work.

I’ve had quite a few years’ experience at making money online and can honestly tell you, there is no easy or click button way to make money online, and I’ve been burnt more than a few times. In the early days I tried MLM, affiliate marketing, direct sales and know for a fact you can’t make money without traffic and conversions.  You could have the best product online and without these two things you just won’t find success.

If you’re like me, you just want something that works and is honest and can give you results for the hours you are willing to put into it, right?  I have this saying….. “Once you know how to market online you can make money from any business you choose”

My advice is to avoid programs like Real Quick Commissions at all costs, even if it looks Free.

With the right knowledge, in time you will learn how to pick these scams before you waste your hard earn dollars.

This is for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to hit the ground running, you’ll be excited to see how with Google+

What are you tips for picking a scam? Leave a comment below… I reply to everyone!

SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordPress

SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordPress

The number one question on every one’s lips is….. “How do I get my website ranked on page one of the search engines”?  Before I get into the nitty gritty of SEOPressor, best on-page SEO plugin for wordpress, if you don’t have your own hosted website as your marketing platform and business website you should.

Why SEOPressor?

SEOPressor makes search engine optimisation fast, easy and most importantly you gives your business the results needed to rank on page one of the search engines as seen from my personal rankings below.

 SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordPress

SEOPressor Best On-Page SEO Plugin for WordPress

Another number one ranking against 2,200,000 competing pages!!

What if you could rank # 1 too? Let’s take a look at how SEOPressor can help you rank # 1 on the search engines.

Using SEOPressor is like having an on-page SEO specialist right by your side, optimising your website to rank high on search engines, automatically attractig free organic traffic.

To date, 70,000 plus websites have SEOPressor installed achieving results beyond even what the most skilled professionals often deliver. SEOPressor will catapult your website to the top ranks of the search engines and drive massive amounts of traffic to your website 24/7, all on autopilot!

Keyword Density using SEOPressor

When it comes to optimising content, the aim is keyword density.  Without SEOPressor non experts can easily over optimise their content, which to Google can sometimes look very spammy and overdone. With correct placement of keyword on your page using SEOPressor, the more chance of ranking for those specific keywords.

Sometimes you can over optimise, blatantly using too many keywords and other times under optimise which of course will not rank you at all for your keywords. That’s where SEOPressor comes into play with a safe middle ground, knowing exactly what needs H1, H2 H3 tags and other optimising specified for page one ranking on the search engines.

SEOPressor Checklist

  • Do you have an H1 tag containing your keyword.
  • Do you have an H2 tag containing your keyword.
  • Do you have an h3 tag containing your keyword.
  • Do you have enough keyword placements for it to add bold to (SEOPressor will auto-bold your keyword once per article)
  • Do you have enough keyword placements for it to add italics (SEOPressor will also auto-italicise one keyword per article)
  • Do you have enough keyword placements for it to add underline(SEOPressor will also auto-underline one keyword per article)
  • Have you included an image? SEOPressor will automatically add the keyword to your image alt attribute.
  • Do you have enough words? It’s always best to have at least 500 words per page.
  • Is your keyword in the first sentence?
  • Is your keyword in the last sentence?
  • Do you have an internal link to your other pages using the same keyword?

Even the most seasoned SEO Experts use this plugin as it saves you time and you know that your content is optimised to Google’s specifications. The one – time developer’s license enables you to upload to multiple websites for the best possible results for all your clients.

SEOPressor Official Website

SEOPressor can save you hundreds of $$$$$

These days most businesses hire an SEO expert many of which are using SEOPressor and charging you the client thousands of dollars to optimise your website, when you can simply do it yourself for a much smaller cost.

You should use SEOPresssor if…..

  1. You want to improve your website ranking
  2. You are a professional offline SEO Consultant – Train your staff to tweak on-page knowing that THEY CAN’T GO WRONG!
  3. You hire someone to write for you – Step by step setup on how to optimize your content while writing!
  4. You are completely new and need SEO guidance  – Comprehensive tutorials on how to optimize your website and outrank 90% of the websites on the Internet!

Simple SEOPressor Tips

SEOPresss comes complete with detailed installation instruction that are easy to understand and will have you optimising your content in no time at all.

As a developer I use the multi-site license as I use SEOPressor on all my clients websites, so you may like to take this into consideration when purchasing.

You can trial SEOPressor for 7 days to use on unlimited websites. If you choose this option you get the Multi-site License, Unlimited Domains,Top Priority Support, Free Life-time Updates, Free Installation Service.

However, if you choose the first purchase option you can only place SEOPressor on one domain name which is a single site license but you still get free life-time updates and top priority support.

No matter which license you choose you won’t be disappointed with the continuous results and ongoing free organic traffic you will achieve with SEOPressor.

I’m always happy to answer your SEOPressor questions, so ask away!

Business Card Smart Strategies To Grow Your Blog Socially

Business card Smart Strategies

How can business card grow a blog socially?

I mean, how many people talk about it, share it with friends and even access it directly on the browser? Until you become the talk of everyone in a particular niche, you’ll still struggle to drive targeted traffic, make sales and build an online empire.

The impact of business card cannot be quantified, and if you approach it professionally, your blog would begin to touch lives around the world. In this post, I want to reveal 3 steps to grow your blog in a social manner using business card. Once you’re equipped with these steps, the struggle for targeted traffic will end, giving you an open check to cash in.

1. Be Simple But Creative

The first rule of business card marketing is to simplify the whole process. Let’s consider it; the entire business and all the furniture, fitting and asset can be compressed and embedded into a business card. Do you know that I can decipher the ‘level’ of your business, by merely looking at your card?

Off course, some business cards are so rich, but the company or service itself is actually growing. If you ask me, I think that’s a good strategy. The role of a business card is to show prospective clients how professional your services are, and how quickly you can deliver without adulterating quality.

Everyone is looking for shortcuts to achieve big results. That’s why we have software, apps for mobile devices and even plugins for our wordpress blog. When you make a business card simple, probably while background with black or read text color, you’ll automatically sound a loud gong in prospect’s mind.

2. Speak Brand In Your Business Card

Before exchanging a business card with someone, ensure you’ve stealthily added brand consciousness on it.

Any success you attain outside of your uniqueness is only temporal. The real success online is closely-tied to your brand. There is a particular thing that separates you from the next person. With the emerging trend of business startup and entrepreneurship, without a brand identity, competition might drown you.

On the business card, your business logo should be prominent. Also, use a combination of solid and light colors and blend the background. Above, I suggested white background with black or red text color, but that’s not all. Be creative and use few matured colors properly blended.

The right colors on business card can act as the ‘spice’ to encourage potential client into hiring you. Don’t just give any business card out; give away the best card that speaks brand (unique identity).

3. Juice-Up Business Card With Media Presence

Media practitioners like professional business card. You’re likely going to win a project if your business card gets to the media. Who is the media? You know… we often throw this word out but so many people don’t even understand what ‘media’ means in the concept of web marketing.

In simple explanation, the media is the name given to a group of persons who consistently source of valuable, quality and interesting news-worthy content both online and offline. In essence, anyone can join this group of content enthusiasts, provided the person can share, archive, print and distribute content across the web, in a friendly and legitimate manner.
On the internet, press release distribution is a profitable way to get media-love.

When you combine press release distribution with business card marketing, your blog and online business will go on steroid.

Business Card Recap

All in all, business card is more powerful than you think. It’s the true explanation of who you’re to the core, and what you can and cannot do. A business can be improved or destroy by tweaks made on a business card. When creatively designed and shared, you’ll get your business on the fast-lane, where success is as sure as your next meal. Take action on these tips and improve your online business – You’ll make it, don’t give up too soon!

About the Author:

Michael Chibuzor
Michael Chibuzor is a creative freelance writer. He helps small and mid-sized online businesses to grow their customer base and increase sales. If you’re looking for quality and persuasive contents, hire Michael to write SEO Contents to improve ROI.