Merry Christmas to You

Merry Christmas to you and your family and I look forward sharing more marketing tips in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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Happy Christmas

 Thank you all for your support, comments and loyalty throughout 2014! 

2015 is a new beginning and you can expect lots of new and positive marketing solutions to help you to grow your  business. See you in January. 🙂

Peace and Joy for Christmas and 2015


Happy Christmas | Who is Sandy Moore

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Crafting Your Author Voice

Crafting your Author Voice Alicia Lawrence


Crafting your author voice takes a lot of work and a lot of screw-ups to get it right. One day, you’ll think you’ve nailed it but when you come back the next day, you’ll realize that you sound like a complete idiot. While this can be difficult, it’s all part of the process of finding the voice that is uniquely yours.

Do you want to jump-start this process? Follow these four tips for crafting your author voice.

1. Study Authors With Strong Voices

According to the University of Richmond’s Writing Center, one of the best ways to nail down your voice is by studying the writings of others with strong voices. If you’re worried that may cause you to imitate their voices, you’re right. But imitation is part of the process of finding your own voice.

You’ll find out what works for you and what doesn’t as you continue to write. The more you read and write, the more those strong voices will mesh and meld into a unique voice that’s all your own.

Take a list of 5 authors who you want to be like. Study their sentence structure. Are they funny? Ironic? Do they use metaphors to get their point across? Make a list in Twitter for these writers, follow their blogs, and continue to read their work every week.

2. Realize that Not Everyone Can Do It

Peter Elbow in his paper titled “Voice as a Lightening Rod for Dangerous Thinking” stated that one of the dangerous thoughts of using the term ‘voice’ is that it implies that “anyone can produce writing that captures the attention and interest of readers without training, without skill, and from the first day of class.”

You’ve all heard the feel-good types who tout that anyone can be an author. Those of us who’ve actually done the work know that’s nonsense.

Elbow goes on to say that people who believe in this simplicity are thinking of voice in terms of writing without restrictive literary conventions. He contends that this type of writing ignores a very important part of an author’s voice: the writer’s presence in the text.

This, he says, requires skills that you have to work on. Your author’s voice, is more than just how your brain sounds when it’s talking. It’s also the mechanism you use to make the reader feel your presence through the transcendence of space and time.

3. Just Write, Already

Laura Spoerri of the Yale New Haven Teacher’s Institute says in her curriculum on finding voice that “Anything written is a great beginning.” A truer statement has never been spoken. You can study the voices of hundreds of different writers and read all of the books on creating a voice that you can shake a pen at, but the truth of the matter is that you will never find your voice if you don’t actually do any writing.

Put the books down and step away from the writing advice blogs. Clear your mind; don’t worry about the dirty dishes or that moldy cheese at the back of the refrigerator. Get away from this world and enter your own. Have a special spot you visit every day where you know ideas and sentences come to you like the rushing wind. And then write! Write whatever comes to your mind whether it makes sense or not. Once you get it all down on paper you can chisel away to make your masterpiece through editing.

4. Go Back to the Drawing Table

Wait, didn’t you just say, ‘Step away from the advice?” Yes, I did. After you’ve taken a break and done some writing, it’s time to start learning again.

After you’ve let your pieces sit for a while, approach them again with what you’ve learned. This can help you pinpoint what you like and trash anything that you don’t enjoy.

Your voice is something that may change from novel to novel or from year to year. However, your voice may also become your calling card. The most important message to take away is that your voice should be yours. Embrace it.

Alicia Lawrence Guest Author @ WhoIsSandyMoore dot com

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Guest Blogger Guidelines

Who Writes for WhoIs

The people who write for the WhoIs Sandy Moore Blog are the future pillars of the direct marketing community. If you operate your own online business, or you’re an ambitious digital publisher, you’re what we’re looking for. If you live and breathe social media, build amazing sales funnels, or you have your own industry blog, we want your insight.

In other words, we’re looking for contributors who are constantly seeking out new ways to market their business online, but also happen to love teaching like-minded folks.

What we’re not looking for: Freelance writers with the gift of the gab and no insight to making a living online.

What We Write About

At WhoIsSandyMoore, we like to keep things simple! Below are the big content anchors that hold our website on course.

  • Social Media
  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Internet Marketing Related
  • Email Marketing
  • Copy Writing
  • Mobile
  • E-Commerce
  • Product Reviews – Reviews must be legitimate and honest (without the big sell)

In addition to your tips and advice, we encourage you to share your personal anecdotes, experiences, and stories. For example, if a certain experience with a client taught you something that changed the way you think about the entire business, that’s something our community will relate to.

Guest Blogger Guidelines


We’re Well Written

Our desired content level on the WhoIs Blog is anywhere from Beginner to Intermediate. Perhaps the best word is “approachable.” Focus on keeping your content entertaining, informative, and succinct.

We encourage you to break down complex ideas, give step-by-step instructions, and tell stories that help illustrate your ideas. Be interesting.

The only ironclad rule we can give you is that your content must be 100% up-to-date. Things change fast online, strategy must change with it.

We Are Quality

Our target word count is exactly how many words it takes to get your point across in a blog post — no more, no less. We are looking for posts that give value to our readers. Share what you know, cover new ground, tell readers what you’ve discovered… and run spell check for heaven sakes.

When it comes to your writing style, remember to keep it conversational. Break down your ideas into jargon-free, easy-to-read sentences that any beginner level reader can engage with. Remember that this is a blog, so the better users can understand, the more they’ll appreciate your content.

What’s in it for YOU?

The WhoIs Blog is a great place to build your personal brand. In fact, it’s all about you.

As a contributor, we want to help you tell your story. We’ll provide you with an opportunity to link back to your site in each article and our social team will make you feel like an online marketing celebrity.

However, we do require helpful, informative, original content… not sales copy. We want to sell YOU, the expert on the WhoIs blog… not your products and services.

In addition to linking to your website in your author bio, you’ll be plugging into the hyperactive community of marketers that visit the site each day looking for fresh, useful content.

Guest Blogger Submission Flow

All content will get one last check through to check for grammar, punctuation, etc. If there are any issues that need to be resolved, we’ll contact you via email. We look forward to having you as a contributor at

Send us a private message on our Facebook page, or email us directly:

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