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An Rare, Authentic, Objective Review by a Non-Participant


Around August of 2012, not long after Zeek Rewards was hit with the regulatory trifecta (the SEC charged them with being a pyramid scheme, and Ponzi scheme, and an unregistered security), I began to receive an ascending number of inquiries concerning Empower Network1 I don’t believe the timing was coincidental. A lot of people had just gotten a taste of quick, online derived cash with relatively little effort, and they found it delectable. When the SEC took Zeek off the menu, there was an unsatiated craving for more entrées that boasted a super-size serving of dough with the expectation that someone else was going to do a lot of the baking.

And Empower Network was discovered. And their patrons appear to be gorging themselves.

I’m not suggesting Empower Network affiliates don’t apply effort in the creation of their income. They do. So no, it’s not an unregistered security. Nor am I suggesting they are a Ponzi scheme. They are not, nor do I see anything that would even remotely suggest otherwise. So let’s eliminate those two issues right up front. But after a thorough, six month investigation involving a survey of 104 active affiliates2 and a marathon six hour interrogation of CEO and co-founder Dave Wood.3 plus another hour-and-a-half with co-founder David Sharpe, it appears there are still some dark spots on Empower Network’s X-ray, and a couple urgently warrant a biopsy. Having said that, and much to their credit, one of the most troubling diagnoses – let’s call it Acute Adrenocortical Income Claim Carcinoma – seems to have resulted in emergency surgery followed by an aggressive after-care regimen of preventive medicine. Considering the extent to which it has metastasized, the prognosis is guarded.

This is just one example of several where concerns that I raised during the non-public investigative process resulted in a pro-active attempt at resolution. What ever red flags I may present in this review, I am convinced none are deliberate, and all are being, or will be, addressed.

Whether it’s enough, and in time, or too little, too late, only time will tell.

Product Issues

Empower Network offers essentially five products:

1. The $25 monthly “Fast Start” Training
2. The $100 monthly “Inner Circle”
3. The single $500 “Costa Rica Intensive”
4. The single $1,000 “15K Formula”
5. The single $3,500 “Masters Course”4

If you want to go “All In”, which is highly and universally encouraged by virtually everyone,….. READ MORE…..

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Brutal Secrets about MLM Marketing. What leaders and Trainers are Not Telling You about Creating your Own Wealth

MLM Business

I am going to be really blunt here with you because I believe you deserve to know these brutal secrets and what’s really going on in your MLM business and why you’re so called leader or sponsor is not being truthful with you.

Rainbows and Unicorns in your MLM Business

MLM business sponsors will always paint a pretty picture for you so you will join them and get their cut of the bottle of juice, awesome new vitamins, Energy giving drinks or next great product online. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great products on the market out there, however there is something they are not telling you in your MLM business. They (your up line) are painting a very obscure picture of Rainbows and Unicorns making out that it’s so easy to sell your new product. Everyone, wants to get fit, lose weight look around you in your local community everyone know someone that wants to lose weight and make a great living doing it.

Your Excitement will rub off on your new prospect!

Have you heard this before? Just share your excitement with everyone you meet, tell them about your great product and how well it’s working for you. They will be begging to join your new MLM business venture. This is a good one. Get a group of friends and family together invite them around for a tasting party put on a few snacks get them to try your product, give them a brochure, show them your slide show presentation. Easy!

MLM Business – The Ambush

I know this from experience and I’m sure you can relate. You have now trapped a dozen of your friends and family in your home and everyone is laughing and joking eating the snacks you have provided for them for a cosy evening around your computer screen waiting for your MLM business presentation. You start your presentation but you miss the sideways glances your guests are giving each other… waiting patiently for the ambush to be over so they can either get out of there or get on with chatting to their real friends. After your MLM business presentation, you provide them with a sample of your product then let them know the price. To make it sound even more attractive you breakdown the price to a daily cost. Some may join your mlm business just because of your enthusiasm but others will be anxiously waiting for the door to fly open so they can escape your ambush. You know I’m right because I speak from experience. If you haven’t had this particular experience in your MLM business, you definitely would have had something similar.

You just signed up a new distributor in your MLM Business – Congratulations!

You are so excited, you have just signed up a new distributor at your home presentation. Gee, you only have to do this over and over again and you will be earning $20 for every carton of juice you sell. Shouldn’t be too hard you think to yourself. You are on a roll! Momentum takes over and you have signed up a few people in your 1st couple of weeks. You have a team of distributors now and they are all doing the same thing as you.  A couple of months pass and you notice your cheques are not growing, they are actually getting smaller. Your new distributors are dropping like flies. They either can’t afford it or they have run out of friends and family to prospect to. You feel deflated!

You start to think that you’re Up line is not telling you something.

And you are right… he forgot to mention that you need to get hundreds of flyers printed and then deliver them to your local neighborhood, businesses in your area, local gyms, health clubs etc. So, you do this as well. In fact you do everything your up line tells you to do, plus more and you’re still not making the giant pay cheques as promised.

What else did your up line forget to tell you?

The truth is he didn’t forget to tell you anything he just didn’t know that there is another way to market your business.  He couldn’t provide you with the training that’s required to build your business. He didn’t know that people don’t join you because you have the best juice on earth or the best vitamins. He didn’t know that taking your business online will take you to a whole new level of the way you market your business. He didn’t have the knowledge to tell you that you need to brand yourself as an expert in your field. He wasn’t smart enough to know that leaders are not born and that you need to learn what it takes to be a leader so you can pass this on to others.

You Need to Know the Truth to grow your Own Wealth

After reading this, you will want to share with your team what I’m about to tell you. Leave your family and friends alone! There are a certain number of strategies you will need to learn to grow your mlm business and soar it to great heights.

  1. You will need to set up a blog where your prospects can get to know you on a personal level.
  2. Social networking – This is where you can make new business friends and meet new people that are interested in making money working from home. You can also share your knowledge here with others who may also be suffering in their MLM business.
  3. Give Value to your followers. The more you share with your tribe the more they will come back to you wanting to know more.
  4. Create a YouTube channel and start making your own videos. Video marketing is creating wealth for many online marketers. People will join you just because they can see you and relate to you.

Honestly, the techniques you need to learn are right at your fingertips.  Learning just a few of them will help take your business to the next level and start energising the kind of income you were expecting when you first started.

MLM distribution is a highly competitive market and without learning the techniques you need to take your business to the next level you will most certainly drown or worse still, be one of the many that just give up and walk away because it all got way too hard. Be prepared to invest time and money in yourself. Make your business work for you and your future and the financial future of your family, its well worth it.

Until next time……..


P.S. To learn more about the valuable training I offer click on the link below and I will start sending you the information immediately!

Raising the Bar | No More MLM Rejection

If you have an MLM business or have ever been in an MLM business you will truly relate to what I am about to tell you.

When I was in my MLM Company I was so enthusiastic and keen I did exactly what my upline told me to do. After all he was the expert and he was earning $15,000 a month plus!

I followed his instructions to a Tee. I made a list of everyone I could think of. This list included family, friends, old work associates, people in my online chat group, my Facebook friends.

You name it….. If you knew me you were about to hear about my new MLM business. I walked the streets of the small country town where I live, handing out business cards & flyers telling all in sundry about my fantastic new weight loss product.

My upline kept ringing and motivating me saying “keep going Sandy you’re doing a great job. I was doing a great job in my opinion but it wasn’t as easy as he made it out to be.

I knew there was something not right when my friends and people I had known for years started to run when they saw me.

So, I decided to take my MLM business online, still sticking to the same marketing methods I was using in the outside world.  I contacted people on social networks I had never met before and told them all about my great product. (I bet you’ve done this too, right?)

My Lightbult Moment

This was where I met a wonderful lady (I’ll call her Sue).  I was in the middle of my pitch when Sue asked me if I had read the book Magnetic Sponsoring. I had no idea what she was talking about, however I was curious and really needed  to find a new marketing strategy. It was very obvious the one I was using just simply didn’t work.

This one book opened up a whole new way of marketing on the internet.

Since reading this book I am now involved in a company that provides a world class internet marketing education. Qualified people now contact me on a daily basis wanting to join my business. These are people that are desperate to escape the world of MLM rejection and downline attrition.

I’m not going to lie to you, internet marketing is hard but I am easy in the fact that I work for myself, my office is my laptop and it sure is a whole lot more fun and certainly doesn’t feel like a JOB.

If you can relate to my story I really do feel for you! But it doesn’t have to be that way for you if you are willing to take action and aspire to achieve more in your working life. Changing tactics and recognising an opportunity to move forward is an admirable quality of a true entrepreneur. You must increase your value to the marketplace in order to be truly successful.

Want to learn more about marketing you MLM business using the art of attraction marketing? Visit http://mlmexpressleads.com

Until next time……..

Skype: sandymoore1

Aust. Mobile: +61 415145948


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Facebook for Business in 2012

Facebook for Business in 2012

Thousands of consumers and businesses are using Facebook for Business, however are they using it the right way and can they capitalise in 2012 on the through traffic?

Who’s using Facebook for Business?

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a Facebook account and any offline or online business that isn’t promoting their company online is leaving thousands of dollars on the table. For those of you not using Facebook for Business, it’s time to take a closer look. This isn’t a fad this is the way life is now,  go online or go broke.

Facebook for Business, why should you care?

  • Internet users are 51% more likely to buy from your brand if they follow you on Facebook.
  • Plus they are 60% more likely to recommend your brand. – eMarketer
  • 70% of Internet Users reported “trusting” consumer opinions posted in social media.
  • Internet users spend 6 hours a month on some form of social media. – Nielsen

Even though some people may follow your business and not necessarily buy from you they are very likely to recommend your business and brand to their friends.

Facebook for Business – How do you capitalise in 2012?

Here’s some quick Facebook facts –

Over 500 million people on Facebook worldwide

Approximately 500,000 – 750,000 accounts are opened every day

There are 150 million on mobile

Facebook is #2 in web traffic (Google is #1)

When you think about the amount of times you search Google each day, we can confidently say that Facebook is the second most popular site for traffic online.

Facebook for Business in 2012

Facebook is one of many faces and is constantly updating the way we use it. Sometimes I’m not sure if they are attempting to make it more difficult for the average user, however I am sure they are making it easier for businesses and organisations to express their identity through new features just released.

For those already using Facebook for business you will perhaps be aware of these new changes:- 

Brand your Page

Highlight what matters

Manage everything in one place…………   See the highlights here 

Be ready, these Facebook for business page changes take place on March 31st, 2012.

Facebook for Business Fan Pages

Facebook for Business – Your cover photo

Your cover photo is the first thing people will see when they visit your page. It’s important you choose a unique cover photo that represents you and your business brand. This could be a menu item if you are a restaurant, album artwork if you are a band or performer or a picture of customers using your products. Be creative and experiment with images your audience will respond well to.

You will find more information about cover photo’s here.

To be successful using Facebook for business it is imperative you have an appropriate amount of training in this area so you don’t make mistakes and drive thousands of potential customers away from your business.To be successful using Facebook for business it is imperative you have an appropriate amount of training in this area so you don’t make mistakes and drive thousands of potential customers away from your business.


Facebook for Business in 2012

Facebook for Business – Customer Service

Without you knowing it … your customers are looking for you on Facebook, if  for instance they have technical issue with your product or questions about the service that you offer. When you have customers coming to your Facebook Business Page looking for answers this is a good thing.  If your customer service is up to scratch and your company standards are high in this regards this is the place for you.

Imagine the feedback for your brand, business, company when a customer can have their question answered online and the problem fixed in a matter of minutes instead of waiting for up to an hour on a phone line or worst still a queue.

Many companies these days are employing someone from inside their business to man their social networking sites and keeping customers up to date with the latest information about the company and the latest products on offer.

Facebook for Business | Customer Service

Facebook for Business – When Customer Service Counts

Even companies known for poor customer service, such as a particular phone company here in Australia are on Facebook Pages! Now you may think this is a risk for a business of this size not generally known for its good customer service (I speak from my own experience). This would be one of the most disliked phone services in Australia as far as their customer service goes.

So, why would they risk people seeing abuse from their customers?  There are many reasons:-

They want to be seen by the millions of people and potential customers that flock to Facebook daily.

They know that although there customer service may not be up to standard, they want your opinions on how to improve your experience with their company. What better place to get your instant point of view in real time.

They want you to see their latest products the minute it hits the market, you’ll see it on Facebook.

Imagine those Companies using Facebook for Business that have excellent customer service and offer online attention for their customers in real time? These customers are spreading the word online at a rapid rate of knots by hitting the “LIKE” button and sharing it with their friends, leaving you great product reviews and testimonials all over Facebook.

It’s no wonder thousands of businesses are making Facebook for Business their product of choice for advertising their business in 2012.

Facebook for Business | Where should you start?

It’s not really about where you should start but WHEN you should start and the answer is right now!

If you have someone in your business that is computer savvy and is keen to learn how to master your social networking it would pay to look at Mastering Social Media here. This is a training and marketing platform for those wishing to be successful online and learn how to market their business using social media and Facebook for business in particular. This is also a platform to learn how to generate new customers for your business long term through free online marketing strategies. I also offer personal support and guidance along the way when required.

There is a right and a wrong way to use Facebook for business so I highly recommend you source out the right information to assist you with the different strategies when using Facebook for business.

If you don’t have a staff member to do this for you or you would like to save yourself the time it takes to learn and implement Facebook for business, there are other choices available.

To discuss further options I can be contacted via the following methods below.

Phone: +61 415 145 948  or jump onto Skype.com and call me directly free of charge, Skype to Skype. 🙂

Skype: sandymoore1

Contact us Here via Email

If emailing the subject line should read:- Facebook for Business


5000 Facebook Friends | Want to Know my Secret


5000 Facebook Friends | Want to know my Secret?

People are always asking me how I made 5,000 Facebook friends and the answer is very simple. I’ll give you all the details later in the post…… for now, I would like to focus on why some businesses can’t build 5,000 Facebook friends.

Why Can’t you Make 5,000 Facebook


One of the main reasons is that many people wishing to grow their business online using Facebook, simply don’t realise there is a process involved.  What people do is they take it for granted that people will want to be their friend. This is not the case as a rule.

You must remember that not everyone on Facebook is there simply for business and not everyone is interested in what you have to sell.

Treat your Facebook friends with respect, the way you would like to be treated is a great way to start.

What is the process?

To start building 5000 Facebook friends the right way you need to have the follow.

A clear photo of yourself preferably in business mode. Many people put blurry images up which are very unprofessional.

Having a picture of you in a bikini or with your shirt off will not attract professionals interested in your business.

After all you wouldn’t go to a meeting in a bikini or with your shirt off.

5000 Facebook Friends | Want to Know my Secret?

 Treat your Facebook friends like your business associates. One of the crucial mistakes people make when building 5000 Facebook friends is they force sell. What do I mean by “force sell”?  Force selling is when you friend someone on Facebook you immediately post your business on their wall or send them a personal message saying “Hey Sandy, great to friend you, have your heard of this awesome new protein shake my company makes.” ? Or how about this one “Hey Sandy, great to have you as a friend here on Facebook. If there is anything I can help you with feel free to ask me.”

What’s wrong with this you say?  Well for starters, how do you know I’m looking for help and secondly why are you assuming you actually can help me. You have no idea what my qualifications are and who I am. If you did you wouldn’t be asking such questions.  These are actual greetings people have used with me.

This is the worst one. “Hey Sandy, I love networking and I see you do also. What do you think of my business opportunity http://pushymarketinglinkhere.com?

The most popular strategy for making 5000 Facebook friends is the attraction marketing strategy. I’ve been marketing on Facebook for over 3 years now and I would have to say three quarters of the business people on Facebook are not using this method.

Once friended, they also think this is a rite of passage to then send their business opportunity link by either a personal message, via direct email or posting directly onto their new friend’s wall.

What’s my secret to 5000 Facebook Friends?

5000 Facebook Friends | Want to Know my Secret?

I can tell you this… I don’t do any of the above. However, what I do is take an approach of actually making friends and sharing valuable information with them. You have to remember these people have friended me for the following reasons. They want to get to know me, they are looking for a business opportunity or they are looking for what I sell.

They are attracted to the way I market my business online. They see that I’m not spamming my business opportunity but having conversations with my friends and they want in also… they see this as a safe environment to be in. They need this safe environment where they can relax and take their time and get to know, like and trust you.

So, how do I use attraction marketing to gain 5000 Facebook friends?

When you are just starting out you will want to friend about 15 to 20 people per day. This is time consuming, however done the right way can get you great results in no time.

Choose friends with a professional image

Make sure when choosing friends that you surround yourself with those people whose profile image is of them. Don’t go choosing people who use their pets, cars, babies or the latest rock star or Hollywood icon. If you’re using Facebook for business you want to position yourself as a professional so, make sure you also have a professional looking photo of yourself.

Sandy Moore Facebook ProfileLike this

5000 Facebook Friends | Want to know my Secret?Not like this

When people friend you, do this.

When people friend you on Facebook, except the friend request then send this message below. This is the exact message I used to gain 5000 Facebook friends.

Hi firstname,

I’m glad we could connect here at Facebook and I’d like you to know that I mainly use Facebook to build my successful online business.

Feel free to share your blog URL with me if you have one, I’d love to learn more about you, what your interests are and what you’re into online.

Hope your week is a successful one.

Warm regards,

Sandy Moore

Skype: sandymoore1



Above is the exact message I used every time I received a new friend request or sent a new friend request. You will notice there are no links to my business opportunity plus I have added a few options for contacting me. You will find by using this message invokes curiosity and your new friend will ask you what business you are in. This gives you the opportunity to send them your free offer and an option to take a look at your business if they choose.  This is a much better way to 5000 Facebook friends without having to spam everyone you meet with your business opportunity.

Use the attraction marketing method to build 5000 Facebook friends and remember is not really about the number of friends you have but the way you interact with these friends.

How to build a relationship with 5000 Facebook friends.

Now, just because they are now your friend does not mean you can start spamming them with your business opportunity. In fact, I can say that I have never posted my business opportunity unless someone has requested it. I would go to the extent of not even posting my business opportunity on my own wall and only post valuable information that will help others. Remember, the average person wanting to learn more about marketing their business online has little or no knowledge on the subject. Take an interest in their posts by commenting and starting discussions and just basically being your friendly self.

How to interact with 5000 Facebook friends?

When interacting you’re 5000 Facebook friends you should be sharing valuable information with them. This information should be shared via your website/blog. Not your business opportunity website. You can share posts about your products and services, new stock, marketing tactics, reviews etc…. what you share specifically depends on your business and what you do. Not only do you share this information on Facebook, there are also hundreds of other social networking sites you can share your valuable information.

Last tip for 5000 Facebook friends

It won’t take too long to get up around the 2,500 mark and when you do making Facebook friends becomes much easier. You now look popular to other people on Facebook and they will soon start sending you requests in bulk, which certainly takes the pressure off your friending regime.

Social Networking can be a time consuming strategy, however being a free method for lead generation, can definitely work to your advantage.

I think Facebook should lift the 5,000 Facebook friend limit….. what do you think?


P.S. I love what I do and so can you…. Connect with me   HERE

Facebook Groups Designed for Sharing your Valuable Information

Facebook Groups Designed for Sharing your Valuable Information

Blogging goes hand in hand with social media marketing and one of the largest social networking sites is Facebook. Once you have completed adding content to your website you will want to share it with as many people as possible. Today, I want to share with you some of the Facebook groups designed for sharing your valuable information and reaching the masses.

What to Share in Facebook Groups?

Many marketers and business owners know that Facebook is a great place to share and unfortunately abuse this resource by spamming a link to their business opportunity. They then wonder why this strategy doesn’t work for them long term and the simple answer is people do not want your business opportunity constantly thrust in their faces. Everyone is doing it and if you are one of these people, you should take note of what I’m about to share with you.

Facebook Groups using Attraction Marketing

If you haven’t caught on to the art of attraction marketing yet I suggest you read up on this quick smart. It’s been around online and offline for a very long time and can work for your business with amazingly positive results.

This brings me to what you should be posting on Facebook groups and Fan Pages, which is quality information about your business or industry.

Hundreds of people join Facebook groups and “Like” Fan pages generally because they want information about a particular subject the group or fan page offers.

So you should join groups and “LIKE” pages relevant to your business. Here’s an example – if you are just starting out in the entrepreneurial world you could join my group “Creating Entrepreneurs One Step at a Time”. Here you will find seasoned entrepreneurs and those just starting out and wanting information about how to get started. It would be silly to join a group about weight loss if you sold stationary for instance…. I think you get the idea.

Please Note: The Facebook groups I have provided below may not be suitable to everyone.

How do I find Facebook groups to post to?

This is easy, just go the Facebook search bar and type in the words for your industry and see what pops up in your niche. For example, if you were in the Travel Industry you would type Travel into the search bar and then search. As shown below, there will be a mix of groups and pages that appear, just choose which ones suit your business the best.

Facebook Groups on Who Is Sandy Moore

Below you will find the list I personally use for online marketing, plus a few extras.



Sandy Moore Online

Creating Entrepreneurs One Step at a Time



Easther Sudharta Online Game Plan

MyOnlineGameplan -Taking Marketing to the Next Level

Network Marketing Australia & NZ


4,500 Network Marketing Friends In 45 Days

“Social Media Can Set You Free”

Add Networking Friends!

Post Your URL

Advertise Here

Ultimate Success In Network Marketing

Live More Work Less Lifestyle Gathering Place

Get Your Blog Followers

Wa’Dell L Jones & The MLM Success Tribe

Blacks Doing International Business with all Races

Attraction Marketing Training with Mavis Nong

Aussie Thunder

Motivated MLM Dads! But who may need Help!

Post it here daily

Add Networking Friends!

Broadcast Bloggers


Network Marketers Unite

‘Social Media Trends’

FB For Fun and Profit

Moms Who work from Home and Want to Network

If you have a group you would like to add your group to the list, you are welcome to leave me a comment with your group in the comment box. Let’s make this a list to remember.