Crafting Your Author Voice

Crafting your Author Voice Alicia Lawrence


Crafting your author voice takes a lot of work and a lot of screw-ups to get it right. One day, you’ll think you’ve nailed it but when you come back the next day, you’ll realize that you sound like a complete idiot. While this can be difficult, it’s all part of the process of finding the voice that is uniquely yours.

Do you want to jump-start this process? Follow these four tips for crafting your author voice.

1. Study Authors With Strong Voices

According to the University of Richmond’s Writing Center , one of the best ways to nail down your voice is by studying the writings of others with strong voices. If you’re worried that may cause you to imitate their voices, you’re right. But imitation is part of the process of finding your own voice.

You’ll find out what works for you and what doesn’t as you continue to write. The more you read and write, the more those strong voices will mesh and meld into a unique voice that’s all your own.

Take a list of 5 authors who you want to be like. Study their sentence structure. Are they funny? Ironic? Do they use metaphors to get their point across? Make a list in Twitter for these writers, follow their blogs, and continue to read their work every week.

2. Realize that Not Everyone Can Do It

Peter Elbow in his paper titled “Voice as a Lightening Rod for Dangerous Thinking” stated that one of the dangerous thoughts of using the term ‘voice’ is that it implies that “anyone can produce writing that captures the attention and interest of readers without training, without skill, and from the first day of class.”

You’ve all heard the feel-good types who tout that anyone can be an author. Those of us who’ve actually done the work know that’s nonsense.

Elbow goes on to say that people who believe in this simplicity are thinking of voice in terms of writing without restrictive literary conventions. He contends that this type of writing ignores a very important part of an author’s voice: the writer’s presence in the text.

This, he says, requires skills that you have to work on. Your author’s voice, is more than just how your brain sounds when it’s talking. It’s also the mechanism you use to make the reader feel your presence through the transcendence of space and time.

3. Just Write, Already

Laura Spoerri of the Yale New Haven Teacher’s Institute says in her curriculum on finding voice that “Anything written is a great beginning.” A truer statement has never been spoken. You can study the voices of hundreds of different writers and read all of the books on creating a voice that you can shake a pen at, but the truth of the matter is that you will never find your voice if you don’t actually do any writing.

Put the books down and step away from the writing advice blogs. Clear your mind; don’t worry about the dirty dishes or that moldy cheese at the back of the refrigerator. Get away from this world and enter your own. Have a special spot you visit every day where you know ideas and sentences come to you like the rushing wind. And then write! Write whatever comes to your mind whether it makes sense or not. Once you get it all down on paper you can chisel away to make your masterpiece through editing.

4. Go Back to the Drawing Table

Wait, didn’t you just say, ‘Step away from the advice?” Yes, I did. After you’ve taken a break and done some writing, it’s time to start learning again.

After you’ve let your pieces sit for a while, approach them again with what you’ve learned. This can help you pinpoint what you like and trash anything that you don’t enjoy.

Your voice is something that may change from novel to novel or from year to year. However, your voice may also become your calling card. The most important message to take away is that your voice should be yours. Embrace it.

Alicia Lawrence Guest Author @ WhoIsSandyMoore dot com

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Please note: The 20% discount offer has now ended

Anyone who knows me and has watched my online journey knows that I have built my business using totally free marketing methods.  Let me tell you this is not the fastest way to build your business, lol….. However free strategies can be very long term and depending which free strategy you choose to specialise in, can bring you traffic like you never thought possible. When I first started marketing online I gave every free marketing strategy a go. They all worked pretty well, however I had to make a decision as to what I would do on a permanent basis to build my business, and I couldn’t possibly implement all of them. I decided to concentrate on what I liked doing the best, which was writing. This now brings me some beautiful traffic from all over the globe and into my primary business.

As you can see from this image, most of my traffic comes from Google and is totally free and organic. When I use the term FREE I want you to know that it doesn’t mean in terms of cost. You either pay with money or time. You can see below that most clicks are coming direct from Google as you can see in the screen shot from my live Feedjit feed.

Image from

Before I knew this

Now, before I knew what I’m about to share with you, I used to write articles like a maniac, post them to my blog and then post them to about 6 article marketing directories. I would then sit back and wait, still writing more articles and madly checking Google each day to see if I had miraculously appreared. I soon realised I was missing something major!  What an understatement!

Getting Started

As I mastered each method of Article Marketing I would write a post on my blog and share it with whoever was interested. My very first Article Marketing training was with Shelby Larson of the Content Divas. I couldn’t wait for the training to finish so I could put it to the test. So I followed exactly what I was taught, wrote the article put the names of the tutor in the heading and in the tags (keywords) and within a couple of hours I was on the first page of google ranking for someone elses name. I was amazed at how easy it was once I knew exactly how to do it. I’m still there today third from the top of the page and not 8 entries down where I was the day I hit page 1. As you can see below with my ranking.

Shelby Larson Page 1 Google ranking

Nothing Special

Now I have to mention that my article was nothing that would make the New York Times as a best seller. You can read it here and don’t forget to go down to the comments section where you will find a comment from Shelby Larson herself, who had just conducted the training I was on.

Things Have Changed

Basically I still follow the same methods I did when I started, although a few things have changed. I wanted to update you on my article marketing methods and let you know what’s working for me now.

Article Marketing Twenty Eleven

1. Write your article or if time doesn’t permit, outsource it.  I don’t mean write just any article, there are articles all over the internet that people write everyday…. I mean write a great article one that stand out from all the others on the internet in your niche. Make sure your content is full of valuable information that can be shared as used and that others can learn from. One of the best ways to do this is to be yourself, it really is that simple. Just write as you were speaking to your next door neighbour and people will relate to you. If you are outsourcing your article writing, choose someone reputable (this means check out their work before you engage them to write for you).

I think I’m letting more secrets out here than what I had planned. At least now you have no excuse for poor content.  One aspect of outsourcing I would like to mention,  is although it does save you valuable time you should spend at least a little time putting your own twist on it. Not so much for the article directories, more for your blog. I like to think of my blog as my online office where you and my new team members can get to know me. You will want the same for your blog as well. So when outsourcing try to put your own touch or personal spin to your content.

2. The next step is to submit your article to They have a certain protocol you should follow and this means that they don’t want to find your content anywhere else on the internet. They are a bit fussy and I say just persevere when posting as it will definitely pay off in the rankings department.

3. Once I have posted at Ezine Articles I then post the article on my business blog. Make sure you have the All In One SEO Pack wordpress plugin installed on your blog also. This plugin will appear under your post, where you just add your post heading, the first couple of lines of your post and most importantly all your tags. This is what it looks like in wordpress. I also have another time saving plugin to use once you have plenty of content on your blog. You can read more about my secret plugin here.

Image of SEO from

1. When posting your aticle on your blog you should also do a quick introductory video about your post. It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate and really just has to be a quick intro into what you will be discussing within your post. If you are shy you don’t even have to appear in the video. Just put together a quick powerpoint presentation then use some video editing software to make a quick movie. Just like I have at the beginning of this post. I use AVS video software, even after trying others like Animoto and Camtasia I find AVS has everthing you will need in their huge library of software. Once you do a couple of videos on it you will be an expert and able to pump out videos with the press of a button.

2. When your post is live on your blog you will then tweet it and then send it out over the internet using which is also a free plugin for your wordpress blog. OnlyWire was created for Publishers & Bloggers who need to submit high volumes of content to their social networks all with the click of a button. Make sure this free plugin is installed on your blog to maximise all your article marketing efforts. As you can see there are many sites for sharing with

Onlywire Image

Ok, now the next step is to submitt your article to the Automatic Article Submitter . You can also find a video and some instructions on how to use it here, plus there are at least 4 tutorials within the software it’self. Of course you could submitt your article by hand to article directories all over the internet however, if like me, you are short on time you will want to set up AAS to submitt to article directories on demand. I think it has over two hundred directories in this software… can you really imagine the time it would take to submit to all these directories by hand?

Now, with any form of free marketing it is always wise to add a paid method of marketing as well like pay per click or banner advertising for maximum results. However, when I first started marketing on line I was able to generate at least 10 to 15 leads per day with this article marketing method alone.

I know you will have lots of questions once you start implementing my Article Marketing Twenty Eleven Strategies, so feel free to contact me on skype @ sandymoore1 and I’ll be happy to answer any questions about article marketing or marketing in general.

Or you can post your questions in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.

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Easy Article Marketing, 7 Tips to Get You Started

Article marketing has been the backbone of search engine marketing as well as internet marketing for some time now. The importance of article marketing has always been undermined by more aggressive and short-lived techniques in the virtual marketing world, but, article marketing has always come tops for guaranteed and expected results. This article is a simple pointer towards good article marketing techniques that are guaranteed to work.

Tip 1: Writing the articles – This is the first step to take-off on the article marketing bandwagon once your plan is ready. It is possible that you are not a good writer, in which case, you can always get short and good articles written inexpensively.

Tip 2: Title – Whoever writes your articles, make sure that the titles of the articles are eye-catching and allure the reader to read further. A good title sets the tone for a good article.

Tip 3: Length – Make sure that eh writer is adept at judging the length of an article. Depending on your niche and the topic, it is wise to hit up on a good length. An article should be complete in itself and therefore have a length that is not short or take ages to read.

Tip 4: Links – In the event that you are using your articles for link building, it would be wise to have some good links embedded into your article. Links should be hyperlinked with your main keywords and placed towards the bottom of the article. Make sure that there are no more than three links since many article directories may not accept them.

Tip 5: Bio – Every article should have an author bio to be submitted for article marketing. Make sure that the bio is interesting and contains a hyperlink pointing to your website.

Tip 6: Writer – Hiring a writer is as easy as ABC, if you know where to look. Check out the freelancer platforms and put up your requirement sin the form of a project. You will see a lot of writers crowding at your door in no time.

Tip 7: Submission – Submitting articles may seem to be a boring chore. However, this is the most important step to make sure that your article gets the required mileage and back-links. Submit to as many directories as possible. Manual submission is recommended, however automatic submissions can also be made without a hitch using article submitter software which are inexpensive to buy.

The above tips will get you going while embarking upon your article marketing plan. However, these tips are not limited and there are certain small ideas and tips that you can learn on your way to success. One piece of final advice is that once you begin your article marketing plan, keep it going, slower or faster, do not leave it midway. This is important to have a good search engine ranking and maintaining it.

Click here for more of my Article Marketing Tips and Stragegies.

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6 Article Marketing Tips for Writing Killer Articles

6 Article Marketing Tips From Sandy Moore

The hardest part of writing articles is finding great article ideas. At some point you will start to wonder where you will get your next article idea from. You may wonder how Great article writers’ pump out one killer  article after the other and if you’ve been article writing for a while you will know exactly where to look.  Article ideas are just poking you in the eye waiting for you to write them.

1) Give your readers what they want. People are asking questions on the internet everyday on hot topics. You can go to question sites like Yahoo Answers, where you will find a multitude of potential ideas. Browse in your personal niche or other topics of interest. Question sites will help you find out exactly what your readers want to read and learn.

2) Many writers view the world news daily to find ideas, however many of these will start to become stale as they have been written and then re-written over again. Your local newspaper is quite often a much better source of information for great article ideas. By choosing your local news you will catch a hot topic that has not yet hit the national news. Local news can most often be expanded to a national level.

3) There are also often times when you could be researching your own questions. This is an opportunity for you to take down notes and write an article on your findings. For instance… my dog recently had a rash, not a very attractive topic I know. However,  if canine skin rashes was my niche, I could have easily have written an article on “how to find the best dog wash to stop your dog from scratching” Articles like this one are easy to write as you have already done the research and needed the answer to your question. You can be sure other dog enthusiast will be looking for the same answers.

4) Another killer idea is to join a forum in your niche. People are constantly asking questions in forums and you could turn their question into the topic of your article. Forums are also the place where many experts hang out. People are often humbled if you ask them for an interview and then you can put your interview down as your article.

5) Occasionally it does pay to get up from behind your laptop and go into your local area. I know our local paper often does street interviews. I have been a subject of one of them. The journalist wanted to know my opinion on events and activities in our local area for children and if I thought there was enough for children to keep them active and out of trouble.

6) There are literally a million articles you can write about. Sometimes it pays to search inside a topic like I have here and not just write about the obvious. For instance, when researching my dogs skin irritation I could have just looked up “how to stop a dog from scratching” and could have found a simple answer such as “put a bucket over his head to stop him from scratching” Like me people usually want a more in depth answer to their question or the problem at hand. This lends itself to exploring all types of skin irritations that dogs may get and writing articles on each one of those. You see what I mean about expanding on a topic, by doing this you will have no shortage of articles to write in the future.

Always jot down your ideas as they come to you. Once you start actively looking, you will be surprised at the amount of  killer article ideas that are really out there, just waiting for you to put your fingers to the keyboard.

P.S. Feel free to share this post and leave your comments below.I’d love to hear  the different places you find your article ideas…   If you have questions on article marketing just ask away, I will be happy to answer your questions.

Want to learn more hot tactics like this one?  I give free assistance to anyone that joins my educational marketing via my Skype group.

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Submit Articles Automatically to Hundreds of Directories with Ease

One of the best marketing options online is  blogging and Article Marketing and to submit articles automatically.There are several ways to promote your business online to drive enormous amounts of traffic to your website.  Once you have posted your article to your blog, you will want to submit your article to as many Article Directories as you possibly can.

Let’s face facts, if you are spending the time writing articles and posting those articles to your blog you want to see results. When you submit articles automatically this not only will get you excellent search engine results it will also make submitting articles as fast as possible.  Plus this will also help you achieve exciting results with large amounts of traffic being driven to your website.

How to Drive Huge Traffic to your Blog or Website

Driving huge amounts of traffic to your website or blog means you have lots of eyes looking at your business. This in turn, means theoretically that people are joining your business because you are offering them value. Informative knowledge you are sharing with them via your articles.

When I first started online, I wrote the odd article here and there and posted it to about 6 article directories. By doing this I did generate traffic, but really it was only the odd person now and then.  If I could generate this small amount of traffic by submitting to only a few directories, imagine the traffic I would produce by submitting to hundreds of directories using submit articles automatically

The Free Option

This concept was absolutely mind blowing and I quickly got to work sourcing out the best tool to submit articles automatically. The first one I tried was so confusing, but I gave it a shot and eventually I gave up on it. I’m not that technically minded and just couldn’t work out how to use it even with the tutorials. It was the free option after all.  Sometimes free is a good thing however, there is usually a reason why it’s free, need I say more!

Submit Articles Automatically | Article Marketing

I finally found a system that now drives traffic to my website in droves and submits to hundreds of directories with the press of a button.  All you do is write your article and press a button and the system does all the work for you. Your traffic won’t be immediate, however by submitting to hundreds of directories daily on a continued basis you will soon see the kind of results that would have taken years to achieve. Driving enormous amounts of traffic to your website just got a little easier.

P.S. This is the only submit Articles Automatically tool that will also submit to Ezine Articles

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How to Rank Number 1 on Google with Article Marketing

Here’s a quick video showing proof of how I ranked Number 1 on Google using Article Marketing. You can use Article Marketing for any niche and by using this exact method you will be ranking #1 in just a short time. The trick to this is to be consistent and to use Automatic Article Submitter. This is the best tool to distribute articles to hundreds of sites at once with great results.

For a low one time cost of the Automatic Article Submitter it is definitely the tool to use to get these great results and have your articles ranking on page 1 in a very short amount of time.

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