5 Smart Ways To Supercharge A Blog With Creative Press Release Distribution


Guest Author | Michael Chibuzor

Use the power of press release distribution to supercharge your blog.
A friend of mine sold his blog and went to hunt for another secured 9-5 job.
What happened to him, why did he do that, isn’t there a way to come back strong and succeed as an internet marketer? I’ll be honest with you here. His blog was on the verge of dying. And because he wasn’t totally committed to achieving success with this, he had to flip his blog for $660.
In this informative post, I want to show you some strategies to leverage press release distribution and bring your blog alive. It doesn’t matter what level of success you’ve right now, when approached properly, you’ll see the result of a well-structured marketing system.

1. Develop A Thought-Pattern

I wouldn’t go ahead with other entrepreneurial press release strategies if your mindset is dim. Every blogger needs to think like a “success.” I’m not talking about temporal happiness that comes when you sell that affiliate product. My concern is what happens when nothing significant is happening in your blog?
The traffic isn’t coming as you want, the sales aren’t as consistent as those so-called marketing gurus displayed on their sales copy and no social media love from readers.
It’s a personal decision to develop those marketing guts that puts you ahead of every ugly experience. That’s the best way to start press release marketing – because your attitude will be greatly visible in your write-ups. If you’re frustrated, it will show when you write and vice versa.

2. Craft Attractive Headlines

In copy writing, attractive headline is the #1 factor that guarantees huge conversion or mediocre sales.
This concept of crafting a great headline plays a greater role in press release distribution. You’re not the only writing and distributing, virtually every business with in-depth knowledge of press release and its power is also distributing.
Often times, your release article will succeed and get shared on high trafficked news-portal. During these viral sharing processes, Google spider could discover your fresh content, index and rank your web pages.
When your press release article appears on Google top 10, your success depends on the headline – you either get clicks or no clicks at all.
Solution: Read intelligent titles, study to determine why you were piqued and use the same strategies to boost your press release campaigns.

3. Energize Your Press Release Content

When you finally publish your press release, don’t stop there. It’s time to do your traditional article marketing thing. First, bookmark the web pages on popular social bookmarking sites like Digg.com, Jumptags.com, Kirtsy.com, facebook etc.
Thereafter, start sharing on web 2.0 social sites; LinkedIn, Twitter and most recently Google+.
All these would strengthen your press release to bring in more targeted traffic. As a blogger, you need plenty of responsive readers to flourish. Strengthen your release contents today.

4. Collaborate With Guest Posting

Now, you can combine press release distribution and guest posting and achieve more success in your blogging business. Once your guest post is approved and going viral, top up the process with your guest post.
Craft some interesting and informative guest posts and distribute across authority blogs. Ensure you’ve a well-formatted anchor text that links to your inner web pages. Most press release site doesn’t allow anchor links, so building relevant links may not be possible with it.
But guest posting is the best way to go. It’s ideal for serious web marketers and if you’re not taking advantage of it, now is the time to get started or outsource the project to competent hands.

5. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

What else can I say? Garnish your every web efforts with consistency. In fact, wear a garment that’s labeled consistency and don’t give up. I started marketing on the internet in 2008 and made a whopping $0.00 that same year.
If I had given up, I wouldn’t have earned my first $3,980 in 2009. If you remain focused, gazing at the sky and doing what you enjoy the most (writing and engagement), I’m sure your blog would grow.
Several obstacles will stand on your way to the top, but it’s obvious, getting to the top would make you untouchable. So, a lot of things ought to touch and try to obscure your visions today, but don’t be moved. Keep spoon-feeding the media with your news worthy press release, and don’t forget to write guest posts continuously.

Take This Home

There you have it, the five effective strategies to supercharge your blog with press release distribution. If you take action and act on these nuggets, you would’ve made my efforts in writing this productive. I see you take action towards the right direction in your business this year. See you at the top!


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