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How to Attract High Paying Clients By Listening To Podcasts

Podcast Capture

Podcast Capture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Have you ever stopped to think of the rich and untapped potentials of a podcast?

Just recently, I was watching a video on how this guy generates 6 figures and within the next few hours, I logged into my inbox and saw an email from John Lee Dumas.
There was a link to a podcast he recorded with Jesse Krieger. After listening to that podcast, I realised the great opportunities that abound for service providers.
Maybe you’re a web developer, a business consultant, a freelance writer, a programmer, a social media strategist, a search marketer and so on, and you want to attract high paying clients, this post is for you.
And the beauty of this strategy is that you don’t need to create your own podcasts. You only have to listen to a great one. In fact, if you follow the exact 3-step process below, you’d be negotiating with your potential client by this time next week.

Why you should listen to podcasts?

As a blogger who makes a living by providing professional services to a specific group of people with similar interests, listening to podcasts will set you on course, and give you that rare advantage to trounce the seaming competition.
Unlike blog posts and videos, podcasts takes a lot of effort and creativity. The podcaster has to brainstorm, conduct some rigorous market research in order to understand her audience and speak the language that they can respond to.
In other words, every episode of podcast is aimed at teaching you how to achieve a specific goal – without soiling your mind through information overload.

I still read blog posts, but I’m gradually falling in love with podcasts. I’m yet to listen to any podcast that doesn’t add value to my business/life.
Funny enough, I haven’t recorded a 1-minute podcast myself, and I don’t have plans to do it anytime soon – but that’s not the goal.
Now you know the importance of you listening to a podcast. Don’t you?
Having said that, here is the 3-step process you need to attract high paying clients just by listening to a value-packed podcast:

Step #1: Don’t stop at listening

podcast sponsors

‘The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.’ – Ayn Rand

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast and went way without exploring the sponsors section, you’ve done yourself a disservice.
You see, listening with rapt attention to what someone else had recorded takes a lot of effort and time. And you know that time is money.
If you didn’t take further action, what’s your benefit? The sponsors for each episode are usually corporate organisations. Oftentimes, they’re looking for freelancers and service providers like you and I.

And you know what?

These vacant positions are only opened to people who actively follow the company (their products and news). For instance, one hidden requirement for getting a job at leadpages.net (a firm that usually sponsor several podcast episodes) is your patronage.
That is, you’re a paying customer and had been for at least 3 months.

This requirement may not be specified on the careers page, but if you include that in your cover letter, the chances of getting an interview are high – trust me on this.

So next time you listen to a podcast, scroll down to the sponsors session, visit each of the sites and see if they need your service.
If the organization isn’t hiring, you could contact them and sell your service. Just make sure you mention the podcast from where you got through to them, and how that podcast inspired you to write them.

Don’t argue the possibility of winning a project through this strategy, just do it.

Step #2: Earn trust with potential clients

One of the ways you can earn the trust of your target audience is by referencing the top podcast episodes that inspires you to continually give value out.
Last month, I landed my dream copywriting gig, all because I shared a podcast link with the book author.
I told him how this single episode has changed my life, and how they can improve their bottom line just by listening, applying and preaching the same message to their target audience.

There is something intriguing about a podcast. Pat Flynn have crossed over 1,000,000 million downloads so far and counting. John Lee Dumas is the Grand Daddy of podcasting and his income for September was a little above $240,000.
Remember, a lot of people will instantly fall in love with you, just because you’re feeding on the right information.
In the past, readers were leaders, but today, the game is fast changing and so – listeners make good readers to lead efficiently.

Step #3: Ride to stardom

Listening to a podcast would inspire you to take immediate action. Most times when I read a blog post, I find myself always procrastinating.
You know why? Text-based content doesn’t have much captivating power like the voice. A podcast is literally a voice oozing out of your smartphone, reading device or PC.
If you’re the type of person who finds it difficult to pitch guest post ideas to authority blogs, when you listen to a relevant podcast that addresses that, you’d be fired up to ‘act now.’
Go to iTunes and look at the top10 podcasts in your industry. Download and listen, until you’re soaked into success, zeal and positive mindset.


There you’ve it, the 3-step process for turning your dull moments into a profitable atmosphere for attracting high paying clients – just by listening to inspiring podcast episodes.
I’m sure you’re excited about that tactics?

Is it possible to earn six-figure income through this strategy? Yes it is, but you must work smarter at it and to get the most results, focus on driving qualified traffic to your services page.

How often do you listen to a podcast with rapt attention?

Michael Chibuzor is the content strategist for a start up blog. If you need help for building thriving online business, get a 15-minute phone call. (No Opt-ins required).

How to be Successful with an Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign

Ensure that you take time with your email marketing to generate internal lists that aim at improving the quality of your recipients. Keep an accurate check list of how your organization receives permission to contact subscribers of the checklist because some people forget that they signed to receive information. In addition, make membership to your list valuable by offering deals that those not subscribed to your profile do not receive. For the reprieve of your subscribers, make sure that the firm’s name is clearly stated in the domain name and it appears on the sender line of the email marketing campaign. Include in your emails clearly stated words that describe what you want customers to respond to in both the subject line and body of the email.

Be sure to provide subscribers with clear instructions of how to be removed from future mailings and also provide easy access to firm’s privacy policy. Provide subscribers with clear access such as telephone number or email address to contact you for more information. Secure your email list against access by other organizations.

Email Marketing

Plan mailings for specific appropriate times when subscribers are expecting your messages to enable you to receive positive responses. In your mails, ensure that you personalize headers with recipients’ names and tailor messages that are ideally suited for different target segments. Make use of a software that will make your list grow by scanning outgoing messages against viruses and measure effectiveness of your campaign. For credibility, ensure that you send messages to only those who are subscribed to receive the information. Avoid using exclamation marks and capital letters that are prone for spammers. Ensure that you send relevant offers to clients and avoid overloading recipients with messages even if your offers are legitimate. In addition, do not enter large amounts of content or lots messages that may clog the subscriber’s inbox. Testing messages before sending ensures your message is formatted correctly to ensure eligibility.

Send people relevant information as per their expectations. Collect people’s information and use it as a reference material when sending them messages. This strategy will make it possible for high open and click rates.

Manifest high degree of creativity and ensure that you send compelling content. Make use of catchy subject line, openness and keep your messages above the fold. Make use of reminders if possible. Send follow-up email to clients to make sure that they get your email if they missed the initial email. Promote messaging across all social mediums and make sure that they land on correct landing pages. Test and re-test your emails to ensure that you send messages that are insightful. Send messages that reflect interest of subscribers.

I am Flora G Aleana. My focus is on editing and proof reading any paper and have done so for many years. My chosen career has helped me to gain knowledge in various disciplines of writing assignments for a wide audience. My experience is extensive and many companies have engaged my services over the past years.

9 Ways to Compel Readers to Click Your Headlines [20 headline templates that work]

Compel Readers to Click Your Headlines


Your headline is the first thing people see when they view your blog post or article. Don’t let it be the last thing they see of your writing though. By paying attention to your word choice and crafting the best headline possible, you’ll inspire your future readers to click and keep reading. Just follow these steps and you’re well on your way to making the best first impression possible.

Make it Catchy or Create a Hook

Creating a catchy headline is about more than just using fun adjectives. Rather, try using word play that incites an emotion, and that includes laughter or intrigue, like the headline: “Big Rig Carrying Fruit Crashes on Fruit, Creates Jam.” While puns like this one aren’t necessary to create a hook, it can be a great way to initially grab your reader’s attention.


Keep it Relevant

While you’ll often be rewarded for your creativity in a headline, make sure that the headline is still relevant and that it, above all, makes logical sense. After all, readers want to know what they’ll be reading when they click open your article. Headlines that simply state, “New Study Shows Health Benefits,” tells nothing new to the reader.


Promise Valuable Information

Headlines, and in turn your articles, should offer something that the reader wants to know or learn about. With that in mind, think of headlines as a way of introducing the new skills someone will learn about when they read your article, or perhaps teach them a new way of looking at the world, or simply, a way to make their business better. For example, this headline from Maxwell Systems“Best Practices Guide: Optimizing Your Construction Business for Profitable Growth” — hits on a number of things that will intrigue people in the construction industry: learning new skills, making a profit and making process improvements. In other words, the headline gives people in the industry every reason to click.


Utilize Numbers

People love lists, in part because they’re often quite memorable. Plus, since numbers promise a list of sorts, readers will know exactly what kind of format the article is in even before they open the article. When using this tactic, try focusing on just three to seven as the number to use, as its quick and to the point. Then again, short lists aren’t required, which Buzzfeed proves every day with its lists and reliance on numbers in its headlines.


Take a Stand

The best way to inspire a conversation is to build a controversy. Take a stand in your headline, and it’ll immediately make people agree — or disagree — with you. Crafting your article using either what, why, how or when is often a good start to doing this.


State the Facts

If you ask a question in your headline, you run the risk of someone saying, “Nope, that topic doesn’t interest me,” and you’ve immediately lost a reader. Rather, state an interesting fact that will appeal to a wider audience.


Demonstrate What You’ll Teach

Again, this goes back to providing a value to your readers. If you share what you’ll be teaching from the get go, your readers will know exactly what they’ll learn by clicking through to your article. How-to articles are particularly successful at this, and you can use this “teaching” method for a whole slew of topics, like “How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend” or “How to Tie a Tie.”


Utilize Celebrity Names and Brands

Name recognition is a wonderful thing when it comes to headlines. As long as the name is relevant to your topic, use it. It doesn’t hurt that using well-known names — whether of brands, celebrities or even current trends — can also help your article in the search rankings as well. For one,CAT Machine in Skyfall Movieties a well-known brand to a timely movie. It keeps the brand relevant, while also linking two things that people wouldn’t normally realize were related.


Keep it Short

Headlines should be easily digestible and easy to share, but those aren’t the only reasons to keep them under 65 characters. That length is also the maximum amount of characters that Google shows in its search results. That means if one of your keywords happens to fall after those 65 characters, then it’s doing you no good.


All nine of these tips are important to consider when you write your headline, but they’re not the only considerations. Make sure you’re using an active voice in your headlines, because passive is bland and doesn’t inspire action. Lastly, read the headline out loud before you publish to make sure it has a natural flow.


Still need inspiration to craft a stellar headline? Get started with these template headlines:

1. The Secret of [Blank]

2. How to Create a [Blank]

3. 5 Ways to Jumpstart [Blank]

4. Scam Alert: Don’t [Blank]

5. The Truth About [Blank]

6. Why [Blank] is Wrong, and [Blank] is Right

7. Is [Blank] Shortening Your Life?

8. Discover Award-Winning [Blank]

9. Finding Your Perfect [Blank]

10. 10 Things Not to Share With [Blank]

11. Why You Should [Blank] Before You Die

12. When [Blank] Isn’t Good Enough

13. Can [Blank] Help You Beat [Blank]?

14. How to Take Charge of [Blank]

15. Thousands Have [Blank], Why Not You?

16. The [Famous Person]’s Guide to [Blank]

17. Do Not Visit [Blank] Until You Read This

18. End Your Struggle to [Blank]

19. 5 Tips to Help You [Blank]

20. Where [Blank] Found His [Blank]

 Alicia Lawrence Guest Author @ WhoIsSandyMoore dot com


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